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Safety Tips For Parking This Holiday Season

Keep Safe From Santa's Naughty List Santa may know who's naughty and nice, but you won't. Keep these important holiday parking lot tips in mind while you are shopping. Not only is it more fun to shop with a buddy, it's also safer. Thieves tend to target people who are shopping alone. Try to do your shopping early in the day to avoid a lot of the crowds and congestion. Evenings and weekends are the busiest times for holiday shopping, so shop early and avoid the crowds. Parking by a light pole helps to protect your car from other drivers who may pull too far forward in their spot and bump your front end. If you can't avoid shopping during peak times, park your car as near to the exit of the parking lot as you can; it'll help you in the long run since you'll be able to skirt around a lot of the parking lot congestion. EXIT BLACK 26 66% $718 DAYS SHOPPING 66% holiday shoppers plan to participate in Black Friday shopping. This year's holiday shopping season is only 26 days which is shorter than normal. Expect more congestion than normal because of this. The average person will spend $718 this holiday season on gifts. Tis the season to go green by using your own bags for your purchases since carrying bags from expensive stores will make you stand out and could make you a target. Keep all valuables and purchases out of sight. Lock them in your trunk and if you are unable to do that put them in the back seat on the floor under a blanket. Santa checks his list twice, so should you when locking your car. If take purchases back to your car and then go back to your shopping move your car to a different parking spot to deter anyone from the naughty list who may have seen you. you -.... damage 28000 x 14% & 20% x 250 14% of accidents that result in damage & 25% of parking lot On average just under 28,000 people will be seriously injured in an automobile accident this holiday season and 250 will die. 20% of all car insurance claims are related to accidents occur when parking lots. backing up. Even if you are only driving to a different area of the parking lot make sure to buckle up. Stay alert when walking to and from your car for suspicious people and cars and if you feel uncomfortable ask a security guard to walk you to your car. Be extra vigilant when backing out of your parking spot and take your time. Cars parked on either side of you will increase blindspots that could easily hide a car or person. Elf isn't just for your shelf anymore. E.L.F.S. is an important safety procedure to remember when you get in your car: E·L F S • E - Enter the car • L- Lock the doors • F - Fasten seat belts • S - Safe Driving Presented By DonateCarUSA* Call to donate: Donate your car fast and support one of more than 400 charities 800-269-6814 Sources Tips for Staying safe Spending up, Black Friday hot 5 Top Safety Tips for Shopping at Malls this Christmas Holiday Tips Most Dangerous US Holidays Tips for Driving and Parking on Black Friday 24/7 Wall St.: The Most Dangerous Holidays Practice Parking Lot Safety FRIDAY

Safety Tips For Parking This Holiday Season

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The Holiday's bring out the good and bad in everyone. That's why it's important that you are aware of your surroundings when shopping. Here's some useful tips on "Parking Safely" this Holiday Season!


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