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Rules For Developing Addictive Mobile Games

2 ADDICTIVE Mobile Games RULES FOR DEVELOPING Mobile games have attracted a growing number of users be- cause they're cheap and everyone explodes with excitement when playing them! If you want to develop your idea into an addictive game app experience, then read on. Before working on a concept, keep in mind that the aim of the game is making profit! Achieving that goal comes through exceptional user experience. WHAT MAKES A MOBILE GAME COMPELLING TALES addictive? DON'T BE BORING CREATE Woot! EMOTIONAL CONNECTIONS 1 STORYLINE 2 EASE OF USE 3 REWARDS 4 TESTED GAMEPLAY YOUR GAME APP MUST A GOOD STORY WILL tell a story ENGAGE YOUR PLAYER EASY EXAMPLE: IN-GAME REWARDS EQUALS MAKE IT dead-easy Gamify YOUR GAME MORE PLAYERS TO USE CLASH OF CLANS BUG-FREE. The game must be Reward users with nice, fluent, and functional. badges, titles, & #1 other icons for USER ACESS. Important buttons must be within easy reach of user's thumbs. achievement. Tweak & Test YOUR GAMEPLAY Make players feel special to create more game EASY TO USE. Simple gameplay leads to higher user engagement. involvement. When tweaked & Allow 3-6 months Test it with several tested right, an app creates engaging + experiences people absolutely love. for development & different people to 03 1-3 months for the ensure that the actual tweaking of the gameplay. gameplay is, in fact, intuitive. FOLLOW THESE RULES, OR BETTER YET, WORK WITH AN APP DEVELOPER WHO KNOWS THEM BY HEART. Learn more about creating addictive games at Buzinga App Development |

Rules For Developing Addictive Mobile Games

shared by businessbeat on Oct 04
What makes mobile games addictive? Go back to your past favorites and you will notice several clues. They tell a story, present great challenges and offer rewards after reaching the goal. Are you exci...




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