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The Rogue Manifesto

THE ROGUE MANIFESTO A 3 STEP GUIDE TO LIVING BRILLIANTLY the rogue movement. This guide is exactly that, just a guide. Find value where you can, but just as the Dalai Lama said: "Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively." Godspeed you rogue bastards. 1. THE BASICS 1. SAY LESS THAN NECESSARY, LET YOUR ACTIONS SPEAK. 2. ALWAYS EXTEND A FIRM HANDSHAKE. 3. GUARD YOUR REPUTATION WITH YOUR LIFE. 4. RESPECT & HELP THOSE WHO ARE LESS PRIVILEGED. 5. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GOOD COMPANY, OR NONE. 6. NEVER BLEND INTO A CROWD OF MEDIOCRITY. 7. IF YOU HAVE NO ENEMIES, FIND A WAY TO MAKE THEM. 8. ADMIT WHEN YOU'RE WRONG. 9. DEFEND THE HONOUR OF THOSE DESERVING. 10. BE CHIVALROUS, NOT PATRONIZING. 11. REMAIN PRESENT DURING CONVERSATION. 12. MAINTAIN AND TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR APPEARANCE. 13. DRESS TO SUIT THE OCCASION. 14. KEEP YOURSELF IMPECCABLY GROOMED. 15. REMAIN HUMBLE. 16. CARRY YOURSELF CONFIDENTLY AND WITH INTENTION. 17. REJECT THE ROLES SOOCIETY FOISTS ON YOU. 18. KEEP YOUR WORD AND STAY PUNCTUAL. 19. SAY "PLEASE" AND "THANK YOU", READILY AND OFTEN. 20. REMAIN A GENTLEMAN, NOT A SAINT. 2. THE ART OF CONFIDENCE WHY DOES CONFIDENCE MATTER? Because there is nothing more terrifying than the thought of growing old and wondering what life could have been like. Your time here is limited, and all that remains once you've passed is your legacy. When you're old and on your way out, do you want to look back and think "wow, Ï sure felt safe" or "wow, what a f*cking adventure!" Failing to have the courage or confidence to live the life you have envisioned for yourself brings with it many symptoms, the nastiest being the regret of unfulfilled dreams. The next 4 steps explain the essential elements of true confidence. Lack of confidence is often the result of fear. But remember this gentlemen, to fear something that hasn't happened is to fear the non-existent, the very definition of insanity! THE FOUNDATION: A STRONG SELF IMAGE What characteristics do you believe you embody? If you have poor self image, poor self image is what you will project. Think of it as a "self fulfilling prophecy". You and you alone decide what type of person you are. PICK SOMEONE YOU ADMIRE OR LOOK UP TO ASK YOURSELF WHY YOU ADMIRE THEM Think of self image as an internal dictionary of words you would use to describe yourself. REALISE THAT YOU TOO HAVE THESE TRAITS WHOLEHEARTEDLY EMBODY THESE TRAITS PRACTICE DAILY SELF-AFFIRMATION SWAP "I WILL" TO "I AM" STAY MODEST AND WATCH YOUR EGO NEVER THINK OF YOURSELF IN A NEGATIVE WAY. 2> STRONG PRESENCE: APPEARANCE & BODY LANGUAGE Now that you have started to change the way you think of yourself, you need to project that physically. UPGRADE YOUR WARDROBE the rogue movement. FORM GOOD GROOMING HABITS EXCERCISE REGULARLY & EAT CLEAN PROJECT STRONG BODY LANGUAGE A FEW TIPS FOR STRONG BODY LANGUAGE: / Always keep your body open. • / Don't cross your arms or close up. • / When your sitting down, sit back, arms open and chest exposed. / When your standing, stand proud, don't cover up. •/ When at a bar, stand facing outwards. V Stance: Keep your legs inline with your shoulders. Root yourself, stand firm. / Hand by side: Don't touch your face, play with your shirt or tear up with a beer coaster. / Head Up, maintain eye contact and smile. (Be careful though, it's not a starring match!) / Move with intention: Don't wander or dawdle. / Straight posture. START BEINGA LEADER: BE THE ONE WILLING TO MAKE DECISIONS AND TAKE A LEAD. DON'T EVER SEEK APPROVAL, TAKE IT. TAKE IMMEDIATE, BOLD ACTION. STOP MAKING EXCUSES. THINK SUCCESS, NOT FAILURE. LEARN, OBSERVE & STUDY, BUT NEVER WORSHIP. TRADE MINDS WITH THE PEOPLE YOU WISH TO INFLUENCE. THINK, BELIEVE AND PUSH FOR PROGRESS. CONFER WITH YOURSELF IN SOLITUDE ON A DAILY BASIS. STAY HONEST WITH YOURSELF AND OTHERS. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING, MAINTAIN A POSITIVE ONE. THE GENTLEMAN'S DEMEANOR: Tips on emulating the cool, calm and collected look. Have fun, relax, and you will look comfortable in your own skin. Whenever you're anxious, slow down, chill out and be "in the moment". You'll feel yourself loosen up. Pick your "local" and go there often enough to become familiar with the venue, the faces, the drinks and the music. In time, the bartenders will know you by name and you'll feel at ease. People will see you as the guy sitting back, enjoying the atmosphere and smiling, not the guy pacing around the club trying to look busy... A great way to feel comfortable around beautiful women (or anyone for that matter) is to act like you already know them. Forget the cheesy one liners, just be observant, notice things about a woman that others wouldn't. Be genuinely intrigued in what she has to say and let her do the heavy lifting in the conversation. Don't ask for a woman's life story, but try and steer clear of questions that can be answered with a “yes or no". Think of confidence as a muscle. It may seem weak at first (perhaps even non-existent) but the more you train it, the stronger it gets. True confidence is achieved through a relentless effort to push yourself beyond your limits and out of your comfort zone. Just as lack of stimulation causes muscle atrophy in astronauts, sitting in fear induced isolation will destroy your confidence. i 3. ELIMINATE ENVY i AWARENESS & ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: The vital step in overcoming envy. It's incredibly damaging to both your happiness and motivation to constantly compare your "behind the scenes" with everyone else's highlight reel. Understand that no one has got all the answers, and no one has it all figured out. Everywhere you look it seems as though people are "happier" than you. You feel like they are having more fun than you or that they are living a better life than you. Instagram, Facebook, whatever platform it is, everyone you are following appears to have cracked the code, which leaves you wondering why you aren't as happy as them. The fact is, social media is all about appearances. It's incredibly saddening that people are more concerned with appearing happy than actually seeking happiness. Perhaps the best example of this are couples that plaster their fairytale relationships (that are evidently horse-shit) all over Facebook. If they are genuinely happy, awesome! If they're not, they need to stop vomiting up chunks of sweet nothings all over social media and start addressing the underlying issues that are making them unhappy. "I think it would be very unusual for anyone here to be envious of the Queen of England. Even though she's much richer than any of you are and has a very large house. The reason why we don't envy her is because she's too weird. We can't relate to her, she speaks in a funny way, she comes from an odd place. We can't relate to her. And when you can't relate to somebody you don't envy them. The closer two people are in age, in background, in the process of identification, the more there is a danger of envy..." – Alain De Botton 3 STEPS TO ELIMINATING ENVY ALWAYS BE AWARE OF ENVY: When you are aware of it, you can address it. Use it as motivation, motivation to fulfill your ambitions. UNDERSTAND WHAT MAKES YOU ENVIOUS: These are your ambitions. Does his financial success or physical fitness make you envious? Does his fashion sense or family life make you envious? BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF: We only envy people who have achieved what we believe ourselves capable of achieving... but haven't. Acknowledge your envy, respect it and use it as a tool to fulfill your ambitions and generate a life others can be envious of. NOW GO LIVE BRILLIANTLY! TRM THE ROGUE MOVEMENT 2015

The Rogue Manifesto

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The Rogue Manifesto is 3-Step Guide To Living Brilliantly. It will help you learn the basics, understand the 4 elements of confidence and overcome your envy.




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