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Resume Dos and Don’ts: Making Recruiters Take Notice

Ш Resume Dos and Don'ts Making Recruiters Take Notice Think Like a Recruiter Recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds scanning a resume before deciding if a candidate is worth calling for an interview of resumes are discarded for an 76% unprofessional email address 88% of resumes are discarded when they include a photo х 78% of resumes are misleading One study found recruiters spend almost 80% of their resume review time on the following: Current title/ Previous title/ company company Name Previous position start and end dates Recent position ... to to start and end dates Education Many resumes are scanned and then searched through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) This software scans resumes for optimal keywords and makes an initial accept or reject decision Recruiters may ask these questions when reviewing your resume: Most recent role Overall experience Was this person fired or laid off? Is there a career progression? Has this candidate been in their Do the titles make sense? role for only a few months? Does the candidate demonstrate Is the most recent role relevant to the position? increasing levels of responsibility? Do the responsibilities listed match the responsibilities for the new position? Keyword search Does the candidate have the Personal web presence experience for the role? Do terms in the resume match Does this person include social those of the job description? media accounts? Is the candidate active on those Gaps accounts? Is there a gap between positions? ... Overall organization If so, why? Is the resume littered with grammar and spelling errors? General logistics Does the candidate have clear communication skills? Where is the candidate located? Are special circumstances, like working from home, required? Make Every Second Count: Resume Dos Recruiters tend to follow a consistent visual path when reviewing resumes, so an organized layout is very important: Your Name Put format first About 1-• Use a strong and clean visual layout Employment -• Avoid dense blocks of text -• Use plenty of white space Triple check spelling and grammar Education Get organized Skills List your experience in chronological order, Achlevements starting with your current job Community Involvement List your skill sets underneath the positions you used them in Identify your achievements Show leadership Save bullet points to call attention to your most noteworthy and relevant accomplishments -• List any leadership experience Recall relevant skills and contributions using CAR: Recruiters look for candidates who take initiative and propose new ideas Think of a challenge you faced or a problem you had to resolve Challenge X Cut down Action List the actions you had to take Ask a friend to help you pare down Include the result of the actions as excess text Results well as the value to your employer % Incorporate statistics ABC Best words to use: Add in applicable stats and figures to make achievements more compelling Achieved Resolved Improved Created .• For example: Trained/Mentored Influenced $4 Managed Increased/Decreased Acquired Cut costs by Generated Worst words/ phrases to use: 30 new clients 20 percent $10M in sales ABC Bottom line Thought leadership Use the right words Go-getter Go-to person Think outside Results-driven of the box A survey of more than 2,000 hiring managers Team player and human resource professionals narrowed Synergy down the best and worst resume terms: X Red Flags: Resume Don'ts Oblectivg Include tables Include personal details List an objective Use Microsoft Word's resume templates Use overcomplicated formatting Exceed one or two pages Don't: Write in the first person or change tense throughout Exaggerate titles and/or responsibilities Forget to include start BC ABC dates and end dates List an inappropriate or unprofessional Use overly fancy formatting email address that gets in the way Make spelling or grammatical errors First impressions count. Increase your odds of landing the perfect job with these resume dos and don'ts. BROUGHT TO YOU BY IN PARTNERSHIP WITH The all in AKKEN O Cloud06 SOURCES GHERGICH&Co. :... DO-...........

Resume Dos and Don’ts: Making Recruiters Take Notice

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When it comes to getting your resume noticed, there’s a lot of information out there. But what about your resume in a recruiter’s eyes? Akkencloud has created an infographic entitled "Resume Dos a...


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