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Reduce Your Body Fat Keep Muscle Mass

REDUCE BODY FAT KEEP MUSCLE MASS Body needs energy for its daily functions. Understanding from where this energy is derived can help us get rid of the body fat and be more muscular. TYPES OF FUEL DIETARY FUEL For its energy, body uses these Also known as Direct Fuel. The food that 2 types of fuel: you eat today will be directly used for daily energy needs. Dietary/Direct Fuel consist of : 00 CARBS DIETARY FAT PROTEIN DIETARY FUEL BODY FUEL BODY FUEL ORDER OF FUEL USAGE Also known as Reserve Fuel. The food that you over eat gets stored as muscle or fat. Body taps this fuel only when it has run out of dietary fuel. Body Fuel consists of : MUSCLE PROTEIN BODY FAT ST DIETARY ND 2 BODY For energy the body first burns dietary fuel first and then switches DIETARY FUEL BODY FUEL over to the body fuel. BODY BURNS DIETARY FUEL IN THIS ORDER BODY BURNS BODY FUEL IN THIS ORDER CARBS MUSCLE PROTEIN 2 4 DIETARY FAT 2 4 BODY FAT 3 4 PROTEIN DIETARY FUEL BODY FUEL BODY WILL BURN BODY FAT ONLY WHEN... CARBS - 0 DIETARY FAT = 0 PROTEIN = 0 MUSCLE PROTEIN - 0 BODY FAT But, Muscles Burn Calories (Fat) to Maintain their Growth And Repair Process. BURN BODY FAT WITHOUT LOSING MUSCLE 1 POUND OF MUSCLE GAIN BURNS AN EXTRA OF 40-50 CALORIES PER DAY TO REPAIR WEIGHT TRAINING AND GROW. MUSCLE CALORIE BURN DIETARY FUEL More muscle gain means For instant energy it will more calorie burn. burn all the dietary fuel. BODY FAT And when you burn more calories than your body needs to maintain your weight, you create a calorie deficit. The muscles will now burn stored body fat for the repair process. 2. MINIMIZE CALORIE INTAKE After you eat your body will burn the dietary fuel before it switches over to the body fuel. To make sure this switch happens quicker eat food with: MININAL CARBS MODERATE FAT HIGH PROTEINS CARB INTAKE BODY FAT BURN 3. LOW INTENSITY CARDIO BRISK WALKING ON EMPTY STOMACH STEADILY BURNS STORED BODY FAT. NEVER DO... NEVER DO... HIGH INTENSITY HIGH INTENSITY CARDIO CARDIO ON EMPTY STOMACH ON FULL STOMACH You'll Burn: You'll Burn: CARBS DIETARY FUEL DIETARY FAT 3 4 PROTEIN MUSCLE PROTEIN BODY FAT As a result you'll be As a result you'll be SKINNY FAT STATUS QUO WWW.GYMJUNKIES.COM JUNKIES

Reduce Your Body Fat Keep Muscle Mass

shared by eshagoyal24 on Jun 04
With this infographic learn how to reduce your body fat while keeping as much muscle mass as possible.


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