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Pushing the Limits: The Do's & Dont's of Surveillance

PUSHING THE LIMITS: THE DOS AND DONTS OF SURVEILLANCE CONFIDENTIAL So you want to become a private investigator? Get ready to do surveillance...and lots of it. Before following someone down the street or stocking up on snacks for a late night stake-out, learn the do's and don'ts, or you might just push the limits a little too far. BE PREPARED 43 OUT OF 50 STATES REQUIRE A LICENSE FOR A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR 7 States That Don't Require A License : WYOMING IDAHO SOUTH DAKOTA COLORADO ALABAMA ALASKA MISSISSIPI Top 3 States* With Most Complaints Regarding Unlicensed Private Investigators: 861 64 150 TEXAS VIRGINIA MISSOURI *Require licenses but still receive complaints regarding unlicensed investigators SURVEILLANCE CHECKLIST Cameras & Notepad Tripods Camcorders Handheld Extra Binoculars Recorder Batteries Change of Clothes Extra Memory Undercover Cards Gadgets Extra Cash, Smart Phone/ V Subway/ Disguises Tablet Bus Passes A GPS Real Time Data Comfortable Device of The Case Sneakers SURVEILLANCE WILL PUSH THE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL LIMITS OF INVESTIGATORS Requires focus and Involves preparation for Entails investigating weather interference. Just hours observing or pursuing both the subject and potential concentration over long periods of time. because there is a blizzard, does not mean surveillance is canceled. leads as the Always be prepared. investigation unfolds. Obtain Basic Intelligence About Your Subject Outline Your Client's Expectations Check criminal and investigator databases to prepare yourself Identify your client's subject, suspects, and additional target case related individuals Determine all evidence, facts, Research insights that will help cut down investigation cost and time and objectives the client is looking to obtain Collect identifying evidence through ! online social sites, photographs, videos, and other investigative tools Find out your client's ultimate timeline for surveillance, when their report and video is needed for court If conducting an employee investigation, remember: who steal intellectual 70% Conduct Pre-surveillance property do so within 30 days of their resignation Take the time to scope the neighborhood Determine a good setup location Use google maps (hybrid, street view and birds eye) to determine the best place to determine where to establish surveillance TAKE DETAILED, CLEAR & CONCISE NOTES ToP RATED SKILLS FOR A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR Accurate Retaining Investigation Records Written Reports Honest Reporting Even when seemingly "nothing" happens, reporting any activity may help. Make sure to Check the laws of your state, as specific private investigators must keep files on hand for a certain period of time. This will help lend credibility to your Notes should be observation and fact, NOT opinion take note of vehicles in the area, individuals outside, the weather, and so forth. surveillance efforts. MIND YOUR LOCATION WHEN FOLLOWING A SUBJECT Be Careful Let them Do not follow lead you of your surroundings too closely or quickly SETTING UP STATIONARY SURVEILLANCE 1 Situate somewhere that is not directly visible or in the line of sight to your subject 2 Find a location where a normal, non-investigator or pedestrian could see the subject 3 Move into a better position when necessary INFORM POLICE IF NECESSARY The investigator should be aware of any local, state, or federal laws requiring the reporting of crimes. Each state's laws varies drastically, and the surveillance expert you hire should be aware of the laws of any states they are licensed to practice in. 58% of private investigators report having prior experience working in law. PRIVATE NVESTIGATOR Most retired former police officers choose a career as a private investigator, which is drastically different than being a cop, as they focus on fewer cases but devote more attention to the details of each investigation. A case with connections to criminal activity may benefit from keeping law enforcement in the loop A small or rural area If notifying authorities may compromise the investigation, speak with a supervisor or the client to discuss options in where everyone knows everyone can benefit from informing police so and can help to ensure that your cover would not be compromised. the investigator's safety. moving forward. DONT HAVE UNREALISTIC GOALS Surveillance success is based on the client's specific needs from the agency and what an investigator finds in the field. NOT based on unrealistic goals and objectives not mentioned in the case such as detecting fraud, abuse, endangerment or other criminal activity. Completing the assignment and gaining valuable experience can also be considered a personal success. USE A CAR THAT WILL STICK OUT USE A VEHICLE THAT WILL BLEND INTO THE AREA OR NEIGHBORHOOD Car Cues Avoid Conspicuous Car Cues: Bumper Stickers Tints Paint jobs Headlights Vanity Plates Handicapped Plates Body Damage Custom Rims Car Colors Recommended To Use Most Popular Car Colors: 22% 20% White Silver 19% 12% Black Gray Most Discreet Car Colors: Beige Brown CHOOSE HIGH ALERT AREAS AVOID AREAS WHERE PEOPLE ARE MORE LIKELY TO NOTICE SOMEONE OUT OF PLACE SUCH AS: Day Cares Playgrounds Children's Schools Sports Games DISMISS ETHICAL CONCERNS 9the 1 Surveillance should never intrude on the subject's reasonable expectation Top Rated Skill of An Iuveitigator of privacy 2. Surveillance must be obtained in a legal manner 3. Never compromise the integrity of the investigation by getting "made." It is KNOWLEDGE OF THE CODE worth it for both the client OF ETHICS and investigatior that you maintain your cover. 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Pushing the Limits: The Do's & Dont's of Surveillance

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Hey PI's@ Before pushing the limits, make sure you know the do's and dont's of surveillance. Check out our checklist of what we recommend to bring on every surveillance.


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