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Protect Your Home 12 Flood Prep Tips

cdp CDP Fire & Flood PROTECT YOUR HOME 12 FLOOD PREP TIPS PROTECT Ol YOUR CAR If there is a weather warning or risk of flooding move your car to higher ground as it takes little more than 3 inches of fast moving water to wash away a car. STOCK UP ON 02 BATTERIES Stock up on batteries and buy a torch as if it floods at night you will not be able to use your electricity. SECURE 03 GARDEN FURNITURE Store & Secure any garden furniture or trampolines as they will float or be blown away. PROTECT YOUR 04 VALUABLES Move any valuable items upstairs. MAKE SURE YOUR 05 PHONE IS CHARGED If you have time before the Flood, charge any phones or laptops as you will not have any electricity and these will allow you to contact emergency services or simply keep track of what is going on via the internet. PROTECT 06 YOUR PETS Bring any pets upstairs or move live stock to higher ground as many animals drown in floods. DO NOT USE 0/ ELECTRICITY Do not attempt to use electricity anywhere in you home during flooding CALL YOUR 00 ELECTRICIAN Even after flood waters have receded do not use the electricity until the building has been professionally dried and your electricity has been certified safe buy a qualified electrician. AVOID CONTACT WITH 09 FLOOD WATER Avoid having any unnecessary contact with flood water as it will be contaminated any contact with your eyes ears nose throat or open cuts can cause severe illness. AVOID CONTAMINATED 10 FOOD OR DRINK Do not eat or drink anything that has come into contact with flood water. CONTACT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY Contact your insurance company asap do not begin repairs until they have given the go ahead as they will not pay for damages they have not seen - make sure your home is not under insured we have seen this many times and your insurance company will only pay out a fraction of the cost of the repairs. FLOOD RESTORATION 12 COMPANY Always use a reputable flood restoration company as they can speed up negotiations with your insurance company carry out the required works and get you back in your HE BES home asap. Disclaimer: This infographic is for non-commercial purposes and is purely editorial. Cop Website: Call: 0818 227061 Copyright e 2013

Protect Your Home 12 Flood Prep Tips

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Protect your properties from flood and give your family a safer life. Follow these tips.






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