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Presentation Guides from Fishing: Angling With AIDA

ANGLING wuth AIDA AIDA NETS THE BIG FISH! Strategy beats random baiting when catching fish. AIDA reels in audiences using 4 STEPS: This lets creators craft deliciouS Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. and mouthwatering content. ATTENTION: PREPARE YOUR HOOK! Audiences don't care how loud you are. They care about who has the best hook. Specify your audience the way anglers adjust their bait with: • A striking yet appropriate color scheme. Witty and playful written content. Attention-grabbing animations or videos. INTEREST: CHOOSE THE RIGHT BAIT! Fish shouldn't just look; they should come closer. Anglers combine the perfect location, time, and lure. How do you stand apart from other yummy grub? By choosing the right bait, of course! Marketers, similarly, have the following tools: Unique layouts that encourage longer viewing. Appealing images that'll make your audience bite. • Your FAB – Features, Advantages, and Benefits. DESIRE: MAKE THEM BITE! Anglers entice fish by agitating the bait. (2] Similarly, you should: Bring out an irresistible quality. Milk your offerings' emotional appeal. • Position yourself as a unique source. These let you transform wants into needs. ACTION: PULL 'EM ASHORE! You've got them hooked on your offering. Reel them in by telling them what to do next! Use a memorable call-to-action to capitalize on your hard work: Do you want them to call you or another person? Should they visit a website to get more info? • Can they purchase it easily online or via retail? NOW IT'S YOUR TURN TO CAST A LINE! Getting your message to the right people is vital. However, pouring tons of random information will drive them away. Fashion the best bait and practice proper techniques to snag the right fish. IT'S YOUR TURN! Use AIDA to HOOK IN the big fish and REEL THEM IN! REFERENCES "AIDA." Changing Minds. n.d. Accessed July 22, 2015. Cronin, Shaun. "Employing AlIDA Principles in Web Design." Web Design Tuts. May 16, 2012. Accessed July 23, 2015. DeMers, Jayson. "How To Use The AIDA Formula To Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy." Forbes. August 5, 2013. Accessed July 22, 2015. Geller, Lois. "The AIDA Principle: Roadmap For A Lot Of Great Advertising." Forbes. June 2, 2014. Accessed July 22, 2015. Hill, Ruth. "AIDA: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action: Inspiring Action with Your Writing." Mind Tools. n.d. Accessed July 22, 2015. Ingle, Peter M. Writing Methods That Work for Business, School, & Life. Charleston, South Carolina: n.p., 2009. This infographic is provided by www., your PowerPoint presentation designers for business!

Presentation Guides from Fishing: Angling With AIDA

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Before you can close a sale, you have to grab attention, keep people interested, make them desire your product, and make them act on that desire. Now you, too, can use this time-tested method to help...



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