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Planing Your Proposal

the PROPOSAL Every girl dreams of the perfect wedding, and often the perfect proposal. However, this often does not indlude fireworks and exotic beaches asmany people may think. The most important aspect of any engage- ment is that the two people involved are in love. Making it spectacular will only add to the magic of the moment. GETTING DOWN ON ONE KNEE TRADITION POSSIBLE HISTORY REASONS FOR RELIGION SURRENDER ROYALTY during prayersyou kneel as a sign of respect you a re surrendering yoursetf to being part of a couple forever more as people kneel to be knighted, this has connotations of honour over Placing the engagement ring on the third finger of the lefthand goes back to Ancient Greece. They believed that thisfinger conta ined a vein thatled 1000, gears ago insome countries women were kidnapped from their family home instead of a proposal. to the heart. What Wonen Wart For WHO WHY Perfect Proposal WHAT HOW Their partner should propose WHEN father's permission doesnot need to be given, simple love is all the re 31 needs to be Even the most simple of propos- alshould have at doesn't need to Include their partner going down on one knee least one month's An evening in December, ideally planning In the UK Checklist On fou hare atked pormizeion (1f opplicable) O Have the ring ready in your pocket You know what your speech is going to inebade Piok a place that it apecial to you both or ie a location your partrer will enjoy A camora is on hand to take photos of the momont after she says yot Plan A back-op plan ie in place for if there are any problent Arrange an alibi so aho doos not get oupicions when you are off planing the propesal MARRIAGE Average Age for Marriage 28.9 30.8 2011 the greatest number of marriages took place for men and women aged 25 to 29 the words "you may now kiss the bride' come from ancient Rome The kiss used to be a legal bond that sealed the contract of marriage. I Formula for the Perfect Proposal Age 2. Choose the Subtract the first Decide the earliest age you oldest age by which you want to get married, e.g. 39 number from the second, multiply by 0.368 e.g. 39 -20 = 19. 19 x 0.368 = 6.992 would consider a potential spouse, e.g. 20 Add this number to your minimum age, e.g. 20 + 6.992 = 26.992 Round this to the nearest number, e.g. 26.992 = 27 Facts!! 2,000 couples 57% of women said they would not appreciate a flash mob proposal get engaged at Disney World each year 36% Henry VIII's daughter Mary was given an engagement ring at the age of two of brides said they'd upgrade their engagement ring if they could Sources: http://engagementrings.lovetoknow.c.ended Knee bble. /20-weird-a.-marriage/ m.asals.html e Perfect Plannine

Planing Your Proposal

shared by rahadyoo on Jan 15
Simple infographic about proposal, what woman like and not, what should you do, also some fact, just project for myself


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