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Pitching For Dummies

WHY ARE PEOPLE SO BAD AT PITCHING? III. ... HOW MANY EMAILS ACTUALLY GET OPENED 19.98% 18.81% Where marketing and advertising fall in Average Mailchimp email open rate 2.15% 2.44% Of people actually clicked the email link Are unique clicks ili TRIED TRUE FIND THE RIGHT CONTACT TIPS & TRICKS FOR PITCHING GET TO KNOW THEIR ANGLE, AND STYLE MAKE AN HONEST CONNECTION DO YOUR RESEARCH DON'T BROWN NOSE (TOO MUCH) Journalists are receiving hundreds of pitches every day Appreciating someone's work is one thing, but don't go overboard "To whom it may concern" is not usually appropriate MAKE YOUR EMAIL STAND OUT SUBJECT LINE IS KEY -Rein them in on the first word DON'T BEAT AROUND THE BUSH - Tell the contact what you want - Their time is valuable HAVE HEART -Don't sound like a robot or your pitch will come off as "spammy" DON'T REPEAT YOURSELF -If you say it in the subject, it doesn't need to be repeated in the body TALKING TO PEOPLE CAN BE SCARY - Practice makes perfect - Don't let fear of rejection stop you from building a relationship with a contact PITCHING IS A TWO WAY STREET CREATE A DIALOGUE NOT A MONOLOGUE D BE BALANCED When pitching there is a fine line between - FORMAL (Technical Jargon) - INFORMAL (Emoticons and exclamation points) RAPPORT An emotional connection can go a long way BE HUMBLE Bragging on social media stats isn't going to make you friends Vocus' 2013 State of the Media Report polled 256 journalists and found that JOURNALISTS PREFER TO RECIEVE PITCHES BY E-MAIL SOCIAL MEDIA TELEPHONE PREFER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS PREFER 89% 5% 6% PREFER TELEPHONE CALLS EMAIL THE ANATOMY OF A BAD PITCH "I wrote a press release..." "I think this is valuable content.." What can you do for your contact, not what can they do for you Apologies aren't accepted If you have to apologize, you're probably barking up the wrong tree Misspellings, mistakes, and abbreviations "Tanks for yor time" "TTYL!" and "NP!" are unacceptable WHAT THE PROFESSIONALS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT PITCHES KISS KEEP IT SHORT, STUPID "Many pitches are off topic and do not dive into what the recipient is about. They're blanket emails that show no indication of personalization and consequently are immediately off-putting." TAMAR WEINBERG Entrepreneur and Author E TWITTER.COM/TAMAR BREVITY "The key to good pitching is brevity. Don't assume the person is even interested, so start with the idea and If you're interested" JASON FALLS Entrepreneur and Author TWITTER.COM/JASONFALLS PITCH ME "If you pitch me without taking ten seconds to Google me and figure out the most basic stuff about me, you will fail." PETER SHANKMAN Creator of Help a Reporter Out TWITTER.COM/PETERSHANKMAN CONTENT "The content is far more important to me than the pitch. If it tells a good story, teaches me something I didn't know, and sources the information, it's going to win in my book." ADAM MORDECAI Editor-at-Large, Upworthy TWITTER.COM/ADVODUDE TELL A STORY "The best companies tell a story. Pitches won't have a great outcome if 'sale' is the first thing out of your mouth." ROBERT SCOBLE Startup Liasison Officer, Rackspace TWITTER.COM/SCOBLEIZER DON'T FORGET FIRST AND FOREMOST ABC SPELL YOUR CONTACT'S NAME CORRECTLY DON'T TAKE TOO LONG TO RESPOND ONCE YOU GET A REPLY WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO PITCH Timing is key Does your contact post on Twitter 24/7? - Is their email readily available? DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Pitching For Dummies

shared by NowSourcing on Oct 02
Sometimes it can seem as though there are no good pitches out there. Learn how to up your game from this infographic.


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