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The Periodic Table of Winning Design Elements

Creative Brief Color Elements Client Elements Feedback Design Elements Periodic Table of Winning Design Elements Creative Brief Design Process Font Families Is Ask your client about the ideas he has about the design and understand his perspective clearly. Target Design Features Final File Types Ideas CP Color Preference Enquire about the colors that your client would like incorporated into his/her design Client Engagement TA Target Audience Design Elements Specify the users or customers of the company Ob Objective Color Consideration Know the objective or goal the client has for the design 01 CM Competition Is Red, Green and Blue are screen colors which are meant for viewing on digital devices Study the company or the client'scompetition RGB Screen Colors Ideas Bt Budget Decide on a budget along with the client according to the design work required CMYK Print Colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black are print colors that are used in traditional printing DI Deadline PMS Pantone Colors Pantone colors are spot colors that come from the Pantone Matching Systems and have predefined swatchesand color codes. Decide a date when you will submit a finalized design to the client 02 43 49 Feedback BW Grey Scale Black and White are referred to as grey scale in design terms CP SS EPS Ask your client to give your design a rating so you can understand what they want Color Swatches can be found in card or book format and most SR Star Rating Color Preference Sans Serif SW Swatches Encapsulated Post Script software now have them built-in Em Email Your clients can send you an email detailing their design needs Design Components Cm Comments Given commentsto highlight the strong or weak points of the designs 03 29 38 50 44 On Ornaments These are used to beautify designs and givethem more flattery TA RGB Br Sf SVG El Ask your client to eliminate any design that is too far off and not according to preference Tx Textures Also called fills, textures like wood grain, skin type and furare common in design Eliminate Target Audience Screen Colors Brushes Serif Font Scalable Vector Graphics Designer Elements Bg Background In designs, backgrounds either consists of patterns and colors or textures Design Process Mf Motif This is a design which consists of multiple similar shapes or colors, which is used for decoration 04 08 12 15 30 34 39 45 51 Ob SR RC On P Cf Ai RC Research Company competitors Research about company's products and services, audience and СМУК Customized or pre-defined brushes can be found on most design software Br Brushes Objective Start Rating Research Symbols Print Colors Ornaments Patterns Cursive Font Adobe Illustrator BI Brainstorm Ideas Think about different ideas and concepts for your client's design Patterns Design patterns are recurring designs. Company File IT Industry Trends Search for the current industry trendsfollowed by other designers for competitors Ht Halftone This is a reproduction of the image where the various tones of color are created by dots of ink 05 09 13 16 20 23 26 31 35 40 46 52 S Symbols Sc Scalability Look for symbols which are most appropriate for the brand The design must look good in large as well as small platforms CM Em BI St BT Cm PMS Tx Ht TF PNG C Colors Select the right color tones according to the product line and industry type Cp Copyrights Ensure design elements are not copyrighted or trademarked Competition Email Brainstorm Ideas Colors Stationery Blog Theme Communication Pantone Colors Textures Halftone Transform Portable Network Sans Serif Graphics Sf Study Fonts Study the fonts and typography which can be included into the design Font Families Target Design Features 21 27 SS Sans Serif This family of fonts doesn't have the small projecting features known as serifs at the end of each stroke 06 10 14 17 24 32 36 41 47 53 This is the process of designing the core symbol which will be integrated into the logo Bt Cm IT Sf MC WT BW Sc Gf TIFF ID Icon Design Sf Serif Font These fonts have serifs or small projects at the end of strokes Budget Comments Industry Trends Marketing Collateral Web Template Background Scalability Tagged Image Study Fonts Polite Grey Scale Grunge Font File Format LD Logo Design Logo design is the graphic symbol which is used to promote a company's recognition and popularity Cf Cursive Font The cursive font category containsseveral calligraphic, hand written,and long curly stroked characters St Stationary TF Transform Sans Serif Transform sans serif into a modern or futuristic type and vou havea cursive font The materials which you will need to design 07 11 18 19 22 25 28 33 37 42 48 54 The various types of media used to support the sales of a DI El ID LD WG Am Dt SW Mf LT PSD The grunge category has fonts that have faded, twisted or scratched characters MC Marketing Collateral particular product or service. These include brochures, Gf Grunge Font web content, white papersand other tools Linotype fonts were formerly used for newspaper as they were pro- duced from a composing machine thatproduced lines of words as single strips of metal. WG Web Graphics These are the representations used on a website to boost an idea which the user can connect with Deadline Eliminate Icon Design Logo Design Web Graphics Animations Direct Swatches Motif Copyrīghts Linotype Photoshop LT Linotype Data File BT Blog Theme A blog theme is a template which is specifically designed to enhance recognition of a blog Final File Types WT Web Template This is a set of previously designed webpages which can be modified by anyone for their specific website Designer Elements Encapsulated EPS Post Script The EPS file contains the PostScript code that is used for storing the information on font and vector images Client Elements Output Elements Scalable Vector Am Animations These files are easy to resize and don't lose their essence even when they are overblown A method of photographing multiple models to create an illusion SVG of movement Graphic Client Engagement Ai This is an original source file which can be opened and edited in Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator Cm Communication Always keep the communication open so you know what the client PNG Graphics Portable Network The Portable Network Graphics or PNG file is a raster image which needs can be compressed ZILLION DESIGNS Be polite but firm when you talk to or are explaining the design to the client Tagged Image File Format This is a file format used to store images and is under the control of Adobe Systems Polite TIFF Dt Direct Make your conversation direct and clear so the client has no problem in understanding the process PSD Photoshop Data This is your primary Adobe Photoshop file which has all the layers, effects and settings which you used to develop the final design.

The Periodic Table of Winning Design Elements

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The following infographic completely sums up what goes on in the design field right from what basic skills designers need to have to design elements to how to handle clients.


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