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One Simple Secret To Get More Done

GET MORE DONE ONE SIMPLE GREEN SECRET It's proven that adding greenery to your home or office increases productivity and has numerous health benefits. Plus, plants are a simple and affordable way to make any home or office space beautiful. Including living or artificial plants to the decor of your home is an excellent way to beautify your surroundings. Benefits of Greenery in the Home Plants make Increased Alleviates people feel calmer optimism depression 81% of people report that they like plants Enhanced creativity and productivity In one study, plants boosted employee productivity by Reaction time in offices with plants was 12% faster 12% than in an absence Studies show hospital patients 10-15% of plants that have a window with a view of a garden recover more quickly than those who had to look at a wall Lower Blood Employees undertaking a task in offices with plants have a lower peak blood pressure, and post-task their blood pressure was about Reduced stress pressure 5 points lower than in non-plant offices Improve Air Quality live plants remove toxic chemicals and produce oxygen Plants reduce airborne 50-60% bacteria by of all households have 75% at least one indoor plant Common Houseplants That Make Great Air Purifiers Snake Plant Weeping Fig Warneck Dracaena Janet Craig Dracaena Spider Plant Bamboo or Reed Palm Peace Lily Golden Pothos Don't Have a Green Thumb? It's okay - Go Artificial Achieve the same desired look and effect without the possibility of them dying Unlimited color and style potential; beauty is equal but upkeep is far less challenging/expensive Have a dark office or room in your home with no natural sunlight? Supplement your live plants with artificial plants; bursts of color can enhance your mood in places where live plants won't grow Pick and Choose from your favorite flowers without a worry about climate requirements Living plants have special watering, lighting and temperature requirements, artificial plants "thrive" wherever you place them Only spend money to buy the plant; save money on plant maintenance Artificial plants last forever and don't cause allergic reactions What are you waiting for? Go get some greenery for your home today! SOURCES

One Simple Secret To Get More Done

shared by dhopeman on Jun 26
Health and productivity are inextricably linked together. And we are constantly trying to figure out how to get more done with our day in this hurried world. Cultivating a plant or tree in your off...


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