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The Noob Guide to Online Marketing

NOOB GUIDE TO ONLINE MARKETING infographic created by • dots on wheel center show • where an activity should • utilize landing pages unbounce THE DIY LANDING PAGE PLATFORM EMAIL MARKETING Give something away in exchange for customer data Architect your site for search Time your tweets SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Seed some Facebook fans (25) Create a conversion oriented Facebook page Set up your Twitter account Set up webmaster tools Answer questions on LinkedIn & Quora Claim your brand name Use SEOmoz campaigns to track search progress Do lots of link building! Create Google AdWords account LANDING PAGES Research & define your core organic keywords Send traffic to landing pages (marketing glue) A/B test your landing pages A single purpose and CTA for every page Use feedback widgets & live chat for user insight One landing page per ad group Segment inbound traffic sources Improve message match for high quality score Get some help from a PPC expert Try a 5 second test Start a corporate blog & give away free knowledge Submit content to social hubs CONTENT MARKETING ANALYTICS explosions on timeline indicate events in the matching channel Pentagons in timeline illustrate the use of a landing page SOCIAL EMAIL LEAD ORGANIC CONVERSION RATE ANALYTICS CONTENT PAY PER CLICK MEDIA MARKETING GENERATION (SEO/SEM) OPTIMIZATION MARKETING (PPC) Timeline View Sample traffic progression showing the impact of relevant online marketing events over time. Claim your brands on Choose a hosted email provider - Set up a Google Analytics account and add to your site Start a corporate blog right way popular networks don't use Outlook! Start your marketing on day 1 and you'll build a target for future marketing efforts and organic search. Don't be afraid to give away your secrets. Establish yourself as a thought leader and you'll build a loyal following that will become advocates Set up your Twitter account & background design Set up a Feedburner Submit your content to social sharing sites/hubs Set up a Google Webmaster account for RSS reader tracking Tools account This acts Unique content with catchy titles can create a buzz and traffic when you submit it to site like Digg, Reddit and Sphinn as a social landing page Establish conversion goals and funnels Bookmark your Create a branded email content on template Delicious Researchers use Delicious to find new content. Make sure you have plenty of content to be found. You will also get repeat traffic from people who bookmark you to come back later. Start gathering leads for a product/service launch Define your style: creator, Research and define your core organic search keywords Annotate important events in Google Analytics curator or commentor Add a form to your coming soon page Architect your site for SEO choose targeted categories Build a following on Twitter If you created a branded Twitter landing page earlier, then you will start to see some small traffic bumps when new followers check out your profile and come to visit your site. Create a series of emails to help lead people through your sales process. For example, let people opt in to receive daily tips or new feature updates. Use a drip campaign for education and retention Use SEOmoz campaigns to optimize for search Create an editorial calendar and stick to it Implement the recommendations that your campaign reports identify and you'll see a lift in organic traffic. Enable social sharing mechanisms People will be more inclined to share your content if you make it really easy for them. You also gain the extra benefit of social proof when your share counts hit high numbers. Add important custom reports to your dashboard Write an ebook or whitepaper that solves a customer need Answer Establish yourself as an expert in your field of business by answering questions in detail. The better the answer, the more likely people will be to seek out your product or service on your site. questions on LinkedIn & Quora Time your tweets to match your audience's hours. There are "best" times to tweet. 9am PST is a great one. Align the time with your custom- ers for maximum retweet potential. If necesssary schedule them with a tool like Hootsuite. Segment your customers by creating lists Create a Google AdWords account with a free coupon Run a test Have a single purpose and CTA for every PPC campaign using landing pages You will get an instant spike in traffic by running a PPC campaign. Try targeting cheaper long tail keywords to make your budget last longer. page They Focus your convert pages on conversion better than hompages Rate your landing pages with the scorecard Create a conversion oriented Facebook page The more visitors you can convert into fans, the more Get more This will traffic Facebook gve you a To-Do list FB visitors will create for you when you make announcements to "Like" you there. Use one landing page for each ad group Push your blog content Connect your blog to Facebook for through to your Facebook fan page to extend it's reach and active content Make your content more focused create a forum for dialog. Guest posts on big blogs can provide massive traffic spikes. Try to make them epic and engage every comment you receive on the post. Start writing guest posts for other sites with similar visitors Seed your Facebook Discover under performing areas of your site account with some fans The extra brand reach helps maintain traffic levels after the post - note how the spike only drops half way back down. Give somethng away in exchange for customer data Work on your message match to improve Quality Score Give away something with great value and you'll get word of mouth and viral traffic. Match Offer your ebook in exchange for email your ad to If your landing page directs people through to your website (click through), your page content Start A/B testing your pages with your new ideas improving your message match will IN drive more conversions and traffic. Choose an appropriate testing tool Do some "Live" tests with real people to gain insight Start networking on LinkedIn for Link building - write great content and extended reach monitor links Producing great content will get people to link back to your site bringing new visitors. Contact link authors to Try running a 5-second test suggest better anchor text. A/B test your emails to polish your messaging and open rates Testing will improve your open rates and click through rates - bringing more people to your site. Write about others to build relationships and inbound links Write blog posts that mention other relevant tools and companies. They'll likely share it with their audience and may return the favour in the future. Get user feedback via survey and live chat widgets Leave Twitter tabs open for "live" social interaction Feed data back into your page designs Design an infographic to spread your message Infographics (like this) are great link bait and generally get shared more than regular text posts. They also tend to get bookmarked for constant drip traffic. Create a socially viral landing page for a contest You can vastly increase your reach and the chances of a contest going viral by using the right social media widgets. Improve your campaigns with some expert services Require sharing as an entry There are pro PPC rule services like BoostCTR that quarantee make your ads work better. More traffic will result. Segment your inbound marketing traffic Simplify testing and measurement Interpreting the Impact Traffic events shown are to illustrate what can happen, to allow you to prioritize your marketing efforts. SOCIAL EMAIL LEAD ORGANIC CONVERSION RATE ANALYTICS CONTENT PAY PER CLICK MEDIA MARKETING GENERATION (SEO/SEM) OPTIMIZATION MARKETING (PPC) ORGANIC (SEO/SEM) LEAD GEN Segment and create lists A/B test your emails Gather emails for a product launch CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION Rate your pages with the conversion scorecard Set up Google Analytics Create a viral social media contest page Use feedburner to capture & track RSS readers Create a branded email template Drip campaigns for acquisition & education Choose an online email provider Leave Twitter open in live tabs 60 Start networking on LinkedIn Establish conversion goals & funnels Annotate important events in Google Analytics Have something to say: Creator or Curator Create custom dashboard reports Discover under-performing areas of your site Build a following on Twitter PI Connect your blog to Facebook Write about others to build relationships CON Write guest posts for other blogs Set up an editorial calendar Create an infographic PE Write an ebook Enable social sharing mechanisms R S Bookmark your content on Delicious PAY-PER-CLICK (PPC) MARK ALYTI C SE AN WEEK IC M SOCIAE M. R C IRKET ING 10 11 12 13 15 16 18 19 20 22 24

The Noob Guide to Online Marketing

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This enormous infographic organizes a number of basic tactics you could use to start marketing your self or your business online. As you scroll down, you'll see when to use each tactic and whether or...




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