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The New Parents' Guide to Mobile Photography

O obaby THE NEW PARENTS' GUIDE TO MOBIEE PHOTOGRAPHY Every parent can be a great phone photographer by using apps and tips that will help you capture memories for a lifetime. TELL YOUR BEAUTIFUL BABY STORIES GENERAL PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS LIGHTING CONTROL BACKGROUND AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT Overcast conditions make your subjects appear cooler, happier, STABILIZE YOUR PHONE AVOID DISTRACTING BACKGROUNDS When the background of your photo is cluttered, move in closer toward your subject. Movement can ruin a shot. Brace your arms against your body or use furniture. and more attractive. LEARN HOWW TO PAN WAIT FOR THE "MAGIC HOUR" At sunrise and sunset a camera When photographing a moving subject, follow them at the same speed. This will blur the background while leaving your subject in focus. This will take the focus off of the extra details and bring what matters into focus: your baby. phone can capture great colors. USE THESE APPS Patch 30+ ye ars 30+ weeks B1 B5 C1 G3 мз Move Patch Undo Help facetune Over VSOCAM PREMIER PHOTO APP FOR TOUCH UP MOBILE PORTRAIT PHOTOS ADD BEAUTIFUL TEXT AND iPhone AND ANDROID ARTWORK TO PHOTOS TAKING PICTURES OF MOMS-TO-BE OPTIMAL TIME FOR MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHY: 7 MONTHS SHE WILL LOOK AND FEEL HER BEST! FLATTER HER SHOT IDEAS RELAX SHOOT FROM HIGH ANGLES INCLUDE SIBLINGS HELP HER LOOK HER BEST Flatter any body shape by shooting from a higher angle. Try to get any big brothers and sisters involved in the pictures. Mom has enough on her mind, so keep an eye out for potential distractions. BUILD HER CONFIDENCE TRY SILHOUETTES Encourage her by telling her how beautiful she is. Sihouette shots of pregnant Also, have her wear clothes that she is comfortable in. moms are a beautiful way to capture a mother's glow. SNAPPING SHOTS OF INFANTS AND TODDLERS TAKE PLENTY OF CANDID PHOTOS TO CAPTURE GENUINE SMILES AND EMOTION. JUST SHOOT TIMING IS KEY TODDLERS DON'T TORTURE YOURSELF NEWBORNS GET ON THEIR LEVEL If you can't get the children to look at the camera and smile, be content to take photo journalistic shots of them doing what they do. The first two weeks are the best for newborn pictures. Get down to get closeups of a toddler's eyes and facial expressions. SIX-EIGHT MONTHS BE READY This is the next best time to It's important to take shots quickly; iOS 7 includes "Rapid shoot mode" for capturing action shots. in a snap; Tiny details come and just keep shooting. take pictures. Children are just starting to sit up, and are also very curious and interested. go PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR THE FAMILY DID YOU KNOW? YOU CAN TAKE A PICTURE BY PRESSING THE + VOLUME BUTTON ON THE SIDE OF THE IPhone. GET THE SHOT TRY THIS TIPS & TRICKS BE ADVENTUROUS FLOOR LEVEL PUT THE SUN BEHIND YOU Explore your surroundings. Try taking a wallk through your neighborhood, or go to your favorite spot at sunset. Focus on the foreground and position your family in the background. This will help make sure that the family is in focus. USE HIGH RESOLUTION Always make sure to shoot at the highest resolution as possible. SHOOT PANORAMAS If your phone doesn't have a built-in panorama tool, download an app to do it. BE DARING Don't be afraid to get the shot you want at home or in public. ADJUST YOUR FILTERS Find your favorites and try turning down the filter intensity. KEEP STILL NO DIGITAL ZOOM Brace your arms or set your phone on a flat surface to keep it steady. Try not to use digital zoom, as it will decrease the quality of your photo. Instead, just move closer. Subtle filtering can make a photo just perfect. USE THE FRONT CAMERA Kids love to see themselves, and it just might bring out some smiles. BI F2 TI M5 filters via VSCO Cam TELLING A GREAT STORY IS BETTER THAN HAVING A GREAT STYLE It's easy to get too focused on editing. Resist that. Focus on capturing meaningful shots that express your beautiful baby stories. B1 B5 C1 G3 M3 YOU'LL GET ONE GOOD PHOTO FOR EVERY TEN THAT YOU TAKE KEEP SNAPPING FAST! DID YOU KNOW? IF YOU HOLD DOWN THE + VOLUME BUTTON IN iOS 7, IT ACTIVATES "BURST MODE" WHICH TAKES UP TO TEN PHOTOS A SECOND, SO YOU WON'T MISS A MOMENT. Sources: presented by: obaby Download on the App Store DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING 4 off HDR Off VIDEO PHOTO SQUARE PANG VIDEO PHOTO SQUARE J10 4 HDR Off

The New Parents' Guide to Mobile Photography

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Whether you are an expecting parent or already have little ones of your own, you'll want to capture the precious moments. A collection of handy tips on mobile photography brought to you by Obaby, a s...


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