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Motorcycle Riding and Associated Risks

Motorcycle Safety Why You Need A Professional MotorBike School ? FATALITIES 17% ROAD TOLL 18% In Australia overall road toll decreased by from 2000-2009 the number of motorcycle fatalities increased by 2000 - 2009 BUS STOP Australian rate of motorcyclist deaths are approx 30x the rate for car 17% RIP occupants 4.5% 30 times, 224 Motorbikes account for just 4.5% Motorcyclists deaths make up about of the Australian of Australian registered vehicles road toll Instability and braking Motorcycle riders in Australia are 30 times more likely to be killed in a road crash than car occupants difficulties there were 224 motorcyclist fatalities The corresponding rate for a serious injury is approx 41x higher Risk Taking Why are motorcyclist at Road Surface / greater risk ? Environmental Issues Australia's rate of motorcycle deaths per registered Lack of protection motorcycle is above the International OECD median Unlicensed Inexperienced II Visibility Tips To Stay Alive boots Wear protective gear on every trip (helmet, boots that protect your ankles, jacket with impact protectors, gloves, long jacket 01 long pants pants with protective qualities gloves helmet Don't let others influence you to take risks. 02 high visible clothing Understand that drivers often fail to see motorcyclists. As a result, wear high visibility 03 clothing, maintain awareness at all times and anticipate the likely behaviour of surrounding motorists. Riding a motorcycle is more mentally and physically demanding than driving a car. Rest regularly on long trips. 04 Before you ride check your motorcycle and check your fitness to ride. Don't ride if tired, 05 emotional, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or recovering from the night before. Train regularly with an experienced and qualified Bike Training School 06 RQUALIFIED motorcycle training academy ive it RIDE-TEK MTA motorcycle training academy VI-

Motorcycle Riding and Associated Risks

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You will be surprised to know that there were 224 deaths in Australia were caused by Motorcycle Accidents in 2012 and the average percentage of motorcycle fatalities is growing every year. Motorcycle ...


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