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Making Moonshine: A Dummies Guide

MAKING MOONSHINE A Dummy's Guide An Illustrated Guide to Moonshine Basics By Clawhammer Supply A Foreshots MAKING CUTS Foreshots are the very first vapors to boil off during a distillation run. This portion contains the most volatile alcohols, including methanol. Methanol is poisonous and should never be consumed. Always For more info on making cuts, read the entire article at: make sure to discard the foreshots. Heads The heads contain compounds such as Acetone, Acetaldehyde, and Acetate. Not only do these chemicals taste harsh and smell bad, they're sure to give you a hell of a hangover if consumed. Set the heads aside to use in future spirit runs. Hearts The hearts contain primarily ethanol and the most desirable congeners. Hearts are rich in flavor, smell great, and taste quite smooth. This is the good stuff! Set this portion of the run aside for drinking. Tails As hearts give way to tails, sweetness disappears, rich congener flavors dull, and the overall taste becomes bitter. Set this portion aside with the heads for future runs. -HAPPY M0ONSHINING!3- C'opyright, 2014 Clawhammer Supply - -

Making Moonshine: A Dummies Guide

shared by Clawhammer on Feb 24
An illustrated guide to moonshine distillation basics. The infographic details how one would make cuts when distilling whiskey using a small copper moonshine still.


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