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Kokedama: How to Make a Hanging Japanese Moss Ball Garden

KOKEDAMA HOW TO MAKE A JAPANESE MOSS BALL GARDEN WHAT IS KOKEDAMA? Originating in 17th century Japan, Kokedama simply means moss (koke - ) and ball (dama - ±) in Japanese. This practice, which involves wrapping the roots of a plant in mud and moss and suspending by string, is derived from the ancient art of bonsai. MATERIALS YOU'LL NEED BONSAI SOIL SPHAGNUM OR MIXTURE OF *PLANT STRING MOSS CLAY (85%) + PEAT MOSS (15%) SCISSORS SPRAY WATER WATER ВOTTLE BUCKET OR. SINK *CHOOSE PLANTS THAT CAN TOLERATE WET SOIL AND ARE APPROPRIATE TO THE LIGHT CONDITIONS YOU CAN OFFER. FERNS, IVY, BAMBOO, AND MANY TROPICAL JUNGLE PLANTS ARE GREAT. AVOID SUCCULENTS. LIFESPAN Kokedamas can last up to 2 years. After that you'll need to plant it in a larger container, or "repot" it in a larger ball. STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS Step 1 SOAK SPHAGNUM MOSS IN A BUCKET OF WATER FOR 1 HR. SQUEEZE OUT AND LAY ASIDE. ADD WATER TO YOUR BONSAI SOIL OR CLAY + PEAT MOSS MIXTURE UNTIL IT CAN BE FORMED INTO A BALL. PRESS BALL TOGETHER FIRMLY. Step 2 本 不 不 ***e Step 3 MAKE A HOLE IN YOUR BALL, AND PUSH THE ROOTS OF YOUR PLANT INTO IT. PUSH SOIL AROUND ROOTS, COMPACTING IT AROUND THE BASE OF THE STEM. Step 4 WRAP BALL WITH MOSS, COVERING THE WHOLE Step 5 SURFACE. WRAP STRING AROUND THE BALL SEVERAL Step 6 TIMES IN MANY DIRECTIONS, AND SECURE. TIE ANOTHER LONG STRING NEAR THE TOP OF THE BALL FOR HANGING. CARING FOR YOUR KOKEDAMA Misting To keep your moss happy and healthy, it is beneficial to mist it every couple days with water. Watering Fill a bucket with room Watering demands depend on what kind of plant you have, but as a general rule you temperature water. Submerge the kokedama up to the stem of the plant. should never let the ball totally dry out. Wait about 2-3 A typical medium- minutes for the sized kokedama bubbles to stop rising from the ball, then remove. should be watered about once a week. You'll soon get a feel for the weight of your Place the kokedama somewhere to drip for 5 minutes before returning it to its place. kokedama when it needs water versus when it does not. Fertilizing During the summer, fertilize your kokedama once a month. Simply add fertilizer at half strength to the water when you soak your kokedama. lobotany www.LOBOTANY.COM 斗

Kokedama: How to Make a Hanging Japanese Moss Ball Garden

shared by lobotany on Apr 08
Based on the ancient Japanese art, Kokedama or "moss ball" gardens are fast becoming a new trend in indoor gardening. Kokedama can be suspended in mid-air by string or set down in a decorative tray or...


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