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July Crucial Tips Calendar

Crucial Tips Calendar JULY Don't let a heatwave burn you out this July - these tips from will help you keep your cool, saving time for fun in the sun. E Misc. Monday Crucial Tip Tuesday Workplace Wellness Wednesday Tech Tip Thursday Frugal Friday We of 1 / Tues Run bacon under water before cooking it to prevent it from shriveling. 2 Wed Grocery shopping on a full stomach can help prevent unnecessary food purchases. O Thurs Putting your phone on airplane mode while it charges will speed up the process. 4 S Fri Having a 4th of July barbeque? Cut down on dishwashing and serve condiments in a muffin tin. Week of July 7th Packing for summer vacation? Roll up your clothes to prevent wrinkles and make 7 Mon more space in your suitcase. 8 V Tues Happy Video Games Day – don't let anyone make you feel guilty about gaming with your friends. 9. Wed Traveling far this summer? Exercising the day before a flight will reduce jetlag. 10 O Thurs If you're out of AA batteries, you can use AAA and fill the extra space with tin foil. 11 S Fri Save up to 25 percent on your summer amusement park tickets by purchasing them beforehand at a grocery or discount bulk store. Week of July 14th 14 Mon Munch on an apple to start off your day; they are proven to be more effective at waking you up than coffee. 15 V Tues Unpublished Policy Alert: If you buy something on Amazon and the price drops within a week, you can get a refund. 16 Wed Use the sticky side of a post-it note to clean in between the keys on your keyboard. 17 O Thurs Sick of seeing banner ads in games and other apps? Block them by putting your phone in airplane mode and play ad-free. 18 S Fri Traveling overseas? Research the local tipping etiquette before you go. In many cultures, tipping wait staff is actually inappropriate. Week of July 21st 21 O Mon Can you squeeze in a mid-day nap? A NASA study says the perfect nap should last 26 minutes. 22 / Tues Today is Hammock Day. Find two trees, kick up your feet and crack open a cold one. 23 Wed The three-button suit rule: Top button – sometimes, middle button – always, bottom button – never. 24 Thurs Set your coffee mug next to your computer to keep it warmer longer. 25 S Fri For an easy breakfast, make scrambled eggs in the microwave with a coffee mug. They'll be done in under two minutes. Week of July 28th Think duct tape can fix everything? Gaffer's tape is stickier, has stretch to it and 28 O Mon doesn't leave a residue when you take it off. 29 V Tues Use a brush to apply shaving cream to ensure total coverage and fewer cuts. Make a bulleted list of all the tasks you've accomplished this week and the ones 30 Wed that still need to get done. Seeing your progress will motivate you to keep going. 31 O Thurs You can find the Wi-Fi password at most businesses by checking the comments on Foursquare. crucial com by icron

July Crucial Tips Calendar

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The Crucial Tips calendar provides fun and quirky tips to help you keep your cool this July, created by For computer memory tips and more check out





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