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Introducing Generation Y, The Convenience Customer

INTRODUCING Generation Y THE CONVENIENCE CUSTOMERS I was born between 1980 and 2000 HELLO I'm between 14 - 34 and there are < 2.4 billion people just like me MY NAME IS Geueratiou Y A I also go by “millennials" I will be the most educated generation in US history SUCCESS TECH But really, who are they? DEPENDANT CONFIDENT WHY THEY MATTER Spends $200 billion Heading towards peak earning years per year STTTTTTTUU Will be biggest generation in U.S. & world history (larger than the baby boom).. And by 2018, they will eclipse boomers in spending power at $3.39 trillion. Millennials consider TECHNOLOGY as part of their identity WHAT DO THEY DEMAND? Digital touchpoints for convenient communication Ease Constant 47% choose to spend time with friends online instead 40% of Millennials Access Online said their stress had of in person increased last year 65% of Millennials say losing their phone or computer would have a greater negative impact on their daily routine than losing their car. The Right Engagement Strategy for Gen Y Personalization and Ease Gen Y has high expectations for customer service and has a rep for being self focused. Cater to their needs on a personal level with an intuitive interface for easy resolution and content discovery. Students in 1996 scored < 30% on Narcissistic Personality Test than 1979 Apple, Amazon and Google set a high standard of user interface intuitiveness for millennials. Be Available & Cut to the Chase Gen Y is access-driven, not impatient. Be on the right channels (all of them) at the right hours (all the time) and do it snappy. Gen Y People under 35 report negative effects like a need for instant gratification and loss of patience. switches between laptops, smartphones, tablets and TV 27x per hour. 80% use 2 or more devices simultaneously while watching TV Go Social or Go Home Social media has defined Generation Y - they share experiences freely. For better and for worse. in f P 8+ 46% count 48% say word-of-mouth on social media when influences their 55% of Gen product purchases more than TV ads Y share bad buying online experiences Incentivize the Experience Gen Y is into promotions and loyalty programs. Sweeten the deal and get them on board. 77% participate in loyalty reward programs 44% are willing to promote products or services through social media in exchange for rewards Make it Mobile Your customer care solution must seamlessly reach into the mobile space. 41% have made a purchase using their smartphone 64% use mobile to check for sales, specials or coupons 79.1% use smartphones to look up store info Gen Y wants instant answers and via whichever touchpoints they choose. nanorep PRESENTED BY Sources in-b2b-and-b2c/ &sntz=1&usg=AFoJCNFVCLmvvdkks8yB-zeaEQMTKtVhnA mta5SCpUvsGI5LOnh-y_mG-Q nt-gratification/q8tWDNGeJB2mm45fQxtTQP/story.html GOAL DRIVEN rerrrrrrerr

Introducing Generation Y, The Convenience Customer

shared by nanorep on Dec 25
Generation Y has different expectations from customer service and it's important to understand how this generation (soon to be the biggest in US and World history.) This infographic was created by the...



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