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Infographic: 5 Ways To Save Fuel By Driving More Efficiently

5 Ways To Save Fuel By Driving More Efficiently Fuel doesn't come cheap. Studies have shown that the average petrol car driver in the UK spends £1042 per year to fuel their cars, while the average diesel car driver spends even more, with their figure standing at £1265. Factors like this mean that, when surveyed, up to 70% of people say they expect to own an electric vehicle because there are many In fact, a 2019 survey found that the average motorist will spend over £56,000 on petrol over their lifetime, and that 84% of drivers ways you can save fuel by making small adjustments to your driving routine, and our infographic shows you 5 of the best! thought that petrol and diesel were 'too expensive'. at some point in the future, but if you're not ready to go electric, then fear not, 1 Slow Down! e Lighten The Load Slowing down from 70mph to 60mph means you'll be using 9% less fuel, than driving at 70mph. while slowing from 70mph to 50mph will mean you're using 15% less. The heavier your vehicle is, the more seats, door pockets, or even in the glove Driving at 80mph (which you shouldn't be doing anyway!) will use up 25% more fuel fuel you'll need to get compartment, which it from A to B. you won't need on your journey? Take a close look And if you really want to be fuel efficient, through your vehicle; is there anything in your boot, passenger Removing these items will save you money! slow down further. O Anticipate 4 Go Up A Gear! Try to read the road ahead and plan how to travel through the upcoming sections smoothly, as slowing down and having to accelerate again will consume For example, driving fast in heavy traffic then having to slow down as the vehicle in efficiency, and optimum miles per gallon. Smooth driving in the highest safe gear, while switching gears at the lowest possible RPM (which will probably be around 2000RPM) is one of the biggest secrets to attaining fuel This is because the front does, will use more fuel than faster an engine spins, the more fuel it will consume. maintaining a steady and safe distance excess fuel. from the vehicle ahead. 6 Minimise Drag Stay aerodynamic! Greater wind resistance will increase reduce drag is to keep your windows and sunroof closed as much Does your vehicle have a roof-top cargo box? Removing it can save you as much as 20% of your fuel over the course of a year, while another great way to fuel consumption, and this 'drag' is increased the faster as you can. you drive. Sources Infographic by Blackridge Autos and New Frontiers Marketing

Infographic: 5 Ways To Save Fuel By Driving More Efficiently

shared by captainalex on Dec 14
The average driver spends tens of thousands of pounds on fuel over their lifetime. But did you know that you can bring down this number just by driving more efficiently? This vibrant infographic shows...


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