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Improving Blog Traffic, User Engagement, and SEO

Improving Blog Traffic, User Engagement & SEO Implementing Long Tail Keywords Q Implementing Long Tail Keywords Into Your Insurance Marketing Strategy Do you have a strategy in place to drive traffic to your blog, or are you driving blind? And if you do have a strategy, how can you stand out from the crowd? And how important is your blog to conversion anyways? Astonish has recently completed a six month case study with three clients revealing the benefits of how implementing a long tail keyword strategy can improve traffic for both your insurance blog and agency website. Converting Prospects to Customers Through Blogging 55% of Businesses That Have a Blog 100 Million People In The US Read Blogs Every Day A Receive More Site 95% of Businesses That Actively Blog Report a Higher Search Rank Visits B 70% of Consumers Say That Blogs Influence Purchase Decisions 5x More Traffic For Businesses That Blog 4-5 Times Per Week Most Trusted Blogs Are the Most Trusted Social Media Source D So How Can I Drive Traffic to My Blog? Long Tail Keywords • Long-tail keywords are popularly searched terms • They are longer and more specific search terms • They aren't "head terms" - a popularly searched, one-word term; e.g. "blogging" - but they often contain them • They are less common; they have competition that is much lower when compared to "head terms" "Head Terms" Long Tail Keywords • Short one word phrases (e.g. Blog) • Extreme competition • Very high level of cost • Longer & more specific VS) popularly searched terms • Lower competition • Low level of cost Case Study Results 2х Long tail keywords target users who are statistically more likely to be further along in the sales funnel. E Long tail keywords almost doubled the percentage of site traffic coming from the blog for two of the clients in the study. Long tail keywords increased the direct traffic our clients received to their Long tail keywords increased the traffic to the blog in all three client cases. websites. 1000+ NEW Long tail keywords increased, or kept consistent, the new visit traffic to the One client saw over 1,000 hits on just one blog post with a common long tail keyword in the title. blog in all three client cases. And the winner is. Long Tail Keywords Does your agency's blog have the right conversion strategy? Utilize Astonish's Insurance Marketing and Sales Platform to optimize your agency's online presence and attract more customers. To download our eBook on Long Tail Keyword Strategies for Insurance Agencies, visit on December 10th, 2013 at 10AM EST for the initial release. Sources: Bullas, J. (2013). Blogging statistics, facts and figures. " HubSpot. (2009, August 17). Study shows business blogging leads to 55% more website visitors. CHubSpot. (2013). All the marketing statistics you need. O Petersen, R. (2013, September 09). 40 facts on blogs every business needs to know to grow. E Elran, A. (2013, November 11). Should you change your SEO strategy because of Google Hummingbird? @stonish Copyright 2013 Astonish If you liked this piece, feel free to share it! %24

Improving Blog Traffic, User Engagement, and SEO

shared by astonish on Dec 07
How can your insurance agency increase blog traffic with a long tail keyword strategy? A six month industry case study shows you how in this infographic.






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