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I want to make an animated movie

I WANT TO MAKE AN ANIMATED MOVIE Do I have I WRITE THE SCRIPT Yes No Yes BUT he wants to change the script It's the story of a hedgehog who goes, looking for a new family. CONCEPTION an No idea? Does he produce the film? • SCENE 19bis • It's winter and he's I SHOW IT TO A PRODUCER on a snowmobile on a frozen lake. Pooaaaaam!!!!!!!!!!!! read comics • SCENE 21. : * He's having a snow ball It's more modern • SCENE 19 • Find some It's winter and he's : :: :: iceskating on a frozen lake. : fight with a beaver. funny and heartbreaking scenes HE BUYS THE MOVIE! The story-board is ready he wants a BUT story-board -PRE- OUCH Buy hedgehogs + Documentation Ok Drawings before drawings? PRODUCTION 9 572 pencils E 330 erasers 7 70.000 trace sheets M 303 boxes of aspirin transform the Yes story-board into a comic book Do I know how to draw? I CREATE THE CHARACTERS LIBRARY HEDGEHOG MUSEUM 20 Contact Buy some publishers Yes No material -Hedgehog.....DAVID the antihero ... - Snake....Gregory the cunning -Itake some lessons Hyena · Clémence the joker . What animation PRODUCTION Are there hyenas in hedgehog land? NEVERMIND, it's a kid's movie. technique will I use? T HIRE A TEAM e -2D 600 cartoonists 200 colourists 150 set painters 75 interns 650 engineers 235 graphic designers 104 IT staff 82 interns T HIRE A NEW TEAM and 1836 hotdogs! P and 3725 coffees + I DIVIDE MY TEAMS 100200 NAIN-LOGIC SECTION. 100300 BEGIN. Create 3D softwares ISPLAY Aalr i POSITION hair2 Eos- STA ANOU-000.000" LINE 1S HYENA 10. ...................... TEAM 1 > TEAM 2 >TEAM 3 POST- bbds00 SNAKE PIVESION draw trace colour DD0700 SOURCE-COMPUTER. (cheaters!) • Hyena's hair no choice PRODUCTION !!! Snake's skin • SCENE 7. The hedgehog's parents get killed by a car. to sell • Hedgehog's spines + I dont have a software for the spines yet. some 30-glasses ..... Use a Sea Urchin software Voice Casting and change the code then. I DIVIDE MY TEAMS THE PRODUCER WANTS TO DO THE FILM IN 3D L00200 MAIN-LOGIC SECTION. 100300 BEGIN change. 10ON00 DESPLAY "auch" LINE 1 100500 DISPLAY "spine""niddle" 100L00 STOP RUN. **.. PROBLEM with Scene 7 TEAM 2 animate the muzzle TEAM 1 TEAM 3 TEAM 4 MOVIE RELEASE animate the eyes The cartoonists cant animate the muzzle's the debate hairs animate draw anymore. (They cant stop crying)- • SCENE 8. "Does a hedgehog really have hairs on his muzzle?" Get a celebrity to be the voice of the hedgehog - mobil ringtones -. Non -distribution TV BROADCASTS promotion video game EXPORT THE MOVIE MERCHANDISING We'll put his name on the poster soft toy too annoying the hedgehog's? Even in coutries where there are no hedgehogs? SPINES AND CO Export Yes.hedgehogs ILOOK FOR CROSSING THE ROAD No the celebrity's! A CUTE TITLE: Pic-nic with Clemence CANAL+ SHOOTINGA FILM ISN'T THAT SIMPLE CANAL+ SUPPORTS THOSE WHO MAKE MOVIES

I want to make an animated movie

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Want to make an animated movie? An action movie? A horror movie? Let Canal+ walk you through the process with a set of helpful flowcharts from Euro RSCG Paris.


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