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HURRICANE SEASON - How Prepared You Are?

ARE YOU PREPARED FOR HURRICANE SEASON 2015? KNOW YOUR NUMBERS 6 MILLION $68 Powerless People After hurricane Wilma in 2005, there were over 6 Million people without power, lasting over 15 days for some Billion Hurricane Sandy's damage costs when it hit the US in 2012 O00000©0 O00000©000 $108 Billion Huriicane Katrina's O record breaking damages 00 cost to the US. The most 285 Total Fatalities O000000000 costly hurricane in history. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Average of 15 hurricanes per year THINGS TO REMEMBER TO HAVE-LIST Along with a generator, put these smaller items on your must-have survival list Flashlight & First Aid Clothes & Cellphone & Back up Battery Cash Radios Kit Blankets FACT: 3.5 Number of homes left without Millions power during hurricane Sandy Can Extra Batteries Non-perishable Food Prescription Medicine 7-Day Supply of Water Opener ADD RESISTANCE TO YOUR HOME PROTECT YOUR DOORS PROTECT YOUR WINDOWS PROTECT YOUR GARAGE DOOR Damage to most doors occur at this speed The average speed in which flying objects begin breaking windows Percent of 110 mph 34 mph 80% residential damages stems from garage doors USE DEADBOLT LOCKS STRONG LOCK NO TAPE HORIZONTAL BRACING You can greatly improve the strength of your garage door by installing horizontal Multi-point locks ensure --- Did you know? Tape offers no protection against hurricanes Perfect for reinforcing your locking mechanism or a sliding glass door a much safer storm experience bracing in each panel STORM SHUTTER HEAVIER HINGES Add stronger supports and heavier hinges to garage doors. One of the best things you could possibly do is to install storm shutters or impact windows SECURED CONNECTING DOORS Secure and reinforce all connecting doors if you have patio or ар porch PLYWOOD PROTECTION For those who STORM RESISTANT don't have DOOR HINGES Consider shutters or Change the hinge directions of all impact windows this is your best alternative replacing a standard exterior doors so that the doors swing outward and not inward garage door with one that is storm resistant. STEADY WATER FLOW PROTECT YOUR ROOF BUILD A SAFE ROOM 80% The percentage of New Orleans that Percentage of roofs damaged during hurricane Andrew. 231 mph was under water after hurricane Katrina 95% The maximum recorded wind speed during a hurricane. 300+ mph ANCHOR DOWN Consider hurricane straps and anchors to ensure the roof is The estimated wind speed a hurricane can reach. WATER ROUTE bolted to the rest of the house. Ensure that you have a ready made path for water to travel should it hit your house 450+ mph The wind speed to which most safe rooms are built to withstand. FLOW FREELY Make sure nothing blocks flowing water during a hurricane. SEAL IT UP Seal the areas where wires enter CEMENT IT Reinforce your roof tiles by adding roofing cement to the bindings TRULY SAFE your home to minimize the water damage The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) states that when constructed properly a safe room offers"near absolute" hurricane protection ARE YOU READY? PRESENTED BY: Don't wait for the rising flood waters to think about hurricane preparedness. Review your hurricane plans. Get ready to act if a warning is issued, keep safe and stay informed. SECURE RESTORATION EMERGENCY WATER REMOVAL MOLD REMOVAL FIRE CLERN UP

HURRICANE SEASON - How Prepared You Are?

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Do you know when to start preparing to protect your home from hurricanes? Find out the right time to get started right now. For more information visit




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