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Minutes to a 1 12 1 10 3. 6 BETTER HOME Sprucing things up in and around the home doesn't have to be an ordeal. We ve collected some super simple Fixes to make your home nicer without wasting time.* Outdoor Overhaul Make your outdoor space your favourite place with these quick and easy Fix-ups. Got potted plants? Try livening them up with a different colour on each pot!" Add edging to your garden. It will keep your dirt from spilling out, and your plants where they're supposed to be. Use a fresh coat of paint or a wood-restorer to freshen up your outdoor furniture.? you have brick walls in your outdoor area, Consider adding a flower trellis to them. If Step One: Collect two or three Flowerpots, making sure they have an edge acound the rim. Step Two: Drill holes in the brick walls using a masonry bit, then add screws with wall plugs to hang your trellis. Step Three: Plant your flowers, then wrap each pot with sturdy wire, making sure that they'll hang securely. Step four: Attach the wire to the trellis, making sure to evenly space your pots. Kitchen Touch-Ups Super simple Fixes for one of the busiest rooms in the house. If your kitchen is small, make it seem bigger with Some visual tricks. Paint the walls a lighter colour, like a pastel or Cream. • Consider adding more reflective surfaces, like glass or mirrors. They will give the illusion of opening up the space. • Make your worktops darker, either with paint or a new material like slate or marble. Come up with a new theme for your kitchen space. • Start with a palette, determining what sort of Feel you want your kitchen to have. Add new paint to the walls and other areas if necessary. Add little touches of colour or imagery with new towels, utensils or decorative elements like photos and paintings. Make the walls of your kitchen (or any room) more dynamic. • Paint, wallpaper and framed pieces are tried and true ways of sprucing things up. tind or create your own stencils and apply them to the walls. Consider using chalkboard paint on one of your walls. It will give you a surface to create Something new every time you n a change. need What Can Colour Do? Blue is cool and calming, keeping the heart rate down. Orange is loud and bright, good for raising energy levels. Purple is a bold and regal colour, with associations to wisdom and wealth. • Green is refreshing, promoting rest and recuperation. It's also been said to improve reading ability. Red is bold and warming, evoking strong emotions of love and Comfort. Yellow is cheery, and has been Found to increase the metabolism. • Neutral colours, like Brown, Gray and White, are unassuming and relaxed. Around-the-House Revamps Wobbly Table or Chair WHAT YOU NEED: Wood offcuts - fine-toothed saw - Glue -Hammer and nail/tack - Glider Place the wobbly table or chair on a flat surface, and slide appropriately sized offcut under the an short leg until it stops wobbling. Draw around the leg with a pencil, then saw the shape out of the offcut. Attach with glue and nail or tack into place. Cover the nail head with a sticky glider. Creaking Floorboards WHAT YOU NEED: - Talcum powder - Hammer - Screws (if necessary) Sprinkle talcum powder in the cracks to add Some lubricant between the board and the joist. If nails have come loose, try hammering them back into place, and if the nails don't want to stay, replace them with screws. Stopped-Up Drain WHAT YOU NEED: - Wire hanger - Cloth Plunger While some clogged drains reguire a professional, in many cases you can unclog them yourself. Pull out whatever debris you can with the wire hanger, then Fill the basin with some water and stuff a cloth into the overflow. Plunge until the remainder of the debris clears. Tricky Keys WHAT YOU NEED: Lubricating spray While a new key that's sticking should be taken to a locksmith along with the original for a precision fix, in many Cases a quick spray lubricant can work magic. However, don't use oil, as this can attract dirt and clog up the locking mechanism. of *Utilise tips and recommendations at your own risk QuickQuid References 1) House to Home. (n.d.). 7 quick fixes to improve your outdoor space. Retrieved from 2) House to Home. (n.d.). How to restore and reinvent garden furniture. Retrieved from 3) House to Home. (n.d.). Give garden walls a lift. Retrieved from 4) (n.d.). Ten quick fixes for your kitchen. Retrieved from 5) Cherry, K. (n.d.). Color psychology. Retrieved from 6) Period Living. (n.d.). Quick fixes around the home. Retrieved from

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Sprucing things up in and around the home doesn’t have to be an ordeal. We’ve collected some super simple fixes to make your home nicer without wasting time.





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