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How to win higher salary negotiation

How to win higher SALARY negotiation How to? I don't know! Most of us find it awkward to negotiate for a higher salary during a job interview. While this is understandable to find it difficult to broach the topic of money, you shouldn't allow yourself to feel uncomfortable. Here are 10 tricks that you can use to your advantage when you driving a hard bargain for your salary. 1 Know Your Value Be prepared with a mental list of all the skills and qualities you possess that will benefit the company. Do not ever doubt your value, otherwise you may fail to convince your employer. Negotiate a Fair Compensation Remember all companies have a fixed budget when employees. So, discuss any salary you have in mind in terms of what is fair. it to paying comes Avoid a Face-to-Face Negotiation This is a proven fact. As far as possible, try putting off the face-to-face negotiation as much as you can. You will be in a better position to negotiate a higher salary if you conduct the talk over email or phone. Don't Be The First to Mention a Figure 4 The amount you might have in mind could possibly be lower than how much your employer is willing to offer you and you do not want to miss out on what could have been an excellent offer if you'd just played it cool. Use Exact Number to Counter- Offer Give the company the exact number you want. This shows the company you have done your research for similar positions in the market and also gives them the feeling that you are correct. Make The Company Realize That You Are Valuable To get a higher salary package, you have to let the company realize that you worthwhile and will make a meaningful contribution. This is a wonderful way to negotiate a higher salary package with your current employer. are 7. Figure Out Your Priorities Before entering into salary negotiations, try_to get a better understanding of your expectations. Is a high salary your first priority and are you willing to accept the highly competitive job environment that comes along with it? or Are you willing to compromise your salary if you get extra benefits like bonuses, a longer leave for vacation? Research Your Competition 8. 2 3 If you are haggling for a higher starting salary at a new job, first ensure that you know exactly how many candidates you are competing with. 6. Keep Your Manner Absolutely Professional Maintain a professional manner and if you have to disagree at any point, do it respectfully. Drinking caffeine before the meeting to keep_yourself alert and looking into the eyes of the employer also helps when negotiating a hike. Playing The Walk-Away' 10 Card Inform your employer that you do have some extraordinary options available but you are very interested in their company. If your skills are valuable to the company, they will consider your offer carefully and probably your terms, if within reason. meet Designed by: JOB CLUSTER always connected Sources: BusinessInsider,,, Piktochart Hi make information beautiful %24

How to win higher salary negotiation

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Most 10 tricks that you can use to your advantage to get higher pay when you're going for salary negotiation.





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