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How to Take Pictures Like a Pro!

How to TAKE PICTURES Like a Pro! Expert PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS Shoot at eye level Eye contact is engaging for your viewer Creates a more personal feel Minimize distractions • Place your subject in front of a simple background Take note of any background objects that seem to “grow" out of your subject's head! Say what you want Don't be afraid to direct people in a picture! A few cues can turn a good photo into an outstanding one Get close Moving in close will reveal the details that make a great photograph Fill most of the frame with your subject Outdoor PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS Use light to your advantage Shoot during a “magic hour"- the 30 minutes before and after dusk and dawn Incorporate interesting shadows and subtle light Bring a tripod The shutter has to stay open longer in lower light situations Using a tripod eliminates blurriness caused by shaky hands Consider horizon placement Avoid centering the horizon in your picture Feature more sky or more ground Indoor PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS Use natural light Move your subject towards an open window or door Natural light is usually more flattering than a flash Watch out for reflections Mirrors and other shiny surfaces will reflect the flash back, creating a glare Shoot at an angle to shiny surfaces if they can't be avoided Adjust white balance Indoor photos sometimes look orange, yellow, or bluish Experiment with white balance settings to achieve your desired look INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: camera Land, Inc. SPORTSOOPTICS SOURCES: Top 10 Tips_for_Great_Pictures.htm

How to Take Pictures Like a Pro!

shared by BrittSE on Jun 07
Take advantage of natural light to get great outdoor pictures. The 30 minutes before and after dusk and dawn offer premium natural light with which to take amazing shots. Check out this infographic to...


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