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How To Survive In Your Home During An Emergency

HOW TO SURVIVE * IN YOUR HOME * DURING AN EMERGENCY According to the Red Cross, more than half of Americans have experienced: Providing first aid to Power loss Emergency Evacuation for 3 days others Of these Americans.. ONLY 12% ADEQUATE DISASTER PREPAREDNESS DEPENDING ON WHETHER A DISASTER IS. GLOBAL NATIONAL REGIONAL LOCAL ...YOU COULD BE WITHOUT ESSENTIAL SERVICES FOR DAYS OR WEEKS. HERE ARE SOME TIPS ON HOW TO SURVIVE IN YOUR HOUSE: PRE-DISASTER PLANNING STEP 1: ASSESS YOUR THREAT & PLAN ACCORDINGLY Does your threat require you to evacuate or can you stay in? tornado blizzard drought wildfire hurricane flood landslide avalanche thunderstorm volcano tsunami earthquake STEP 2: GENERAL MEASURES TO TAKE GET PLOT ESCAPE ROUTES CREATE A FAMILY COMMUNICATION ASSESS THE SYSTEMS THAT SUPPORT YOUR DAILY LIFE SUPPLIES PLAN SURVIVAL SUPPLIES WATER: If you run out of water, tap your water heater. A water heater holds around 40 gallons of clean water. A person can only survive a few days without water; be sure to stock up at least 5 gallons NONPERISHABLE FOOD: RICE Canned goods, rice, pastas, beans, oats, baby formula, etc. ALL-WEATHER CLOTHING: Sweaters, rain jackets, pants, shorts, t-shirts and blankets to keep warm TOOLS: Screw drivers, hammer, wrench, shovel, flash lighis, batteries, silverware, bags, candles, etc. HEALTH CARE: Bandages, meds, toothpaste & hygiene supplies, aspirin, iodine, burn cream, first aid kit PROTECTION: During a disaster, it may be necessary to protect yourself, your family and your supplies. Temporarily restore heat and electricity during a disaster by purchasing a GENERATOR SELECTING A GENERATOR Use this calculation to figure out how powerful your generator needs to be: х х NUMBER OF APPLIANCES NUMBER OF WATTS USED PER APPLIANCE NUMBER OF HOURS EACH APPLIANCE NEEDS TO OPERATE 8,000-WATTS + Remember to never run a generator in a closed space as it can cause carbon-monoxide poisoning. If you don't have a generator to provide temporary electricity, you will want to make sure you have some way to produce heat: FLINT & STEEL MATCHES WOOD FUEL (FIRE STARTING TOOL) CLEAN WATER IS VITAL DURING A DISASTER, YOUR WATER SUPPLY CAN EASILY BECOME CONTAMINATED Two ways to treat your water: Strain the water, then boil for one minute. Strain the water, then treat it 2 with one tablespoon of bleach for every 10 gallons. When it comes to natural disasters, the biggest risk is assuming that they can never happen to you. DANGER DANGER Sources: Brought to you by htp:// MOVOTO

How To Survive In Your Home During An Emergency

shared by Matt_Siltala on Mar 06
Here is a great graphic survival guide if you will, teaching how to survive in your home during an emergency.






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