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How to Survive Oktoberfest

sfest How to survive öktoberfesr ach year, Germans and alco- holics across the globe travel E to Munich for the annual beer festival, Oktoberfest. The festival has inspired people all over the world to kick off autumn with meat-heavy meals, hot women dressed like St. Pauli Girl, and of course, copious amounts of beer. with your liver intact Location History The festival takes place in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, and runs from late September to the first week- end in October. When Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese on October 12, Munich's Munich The first Agriculture Show and horse races soon became popular events at the festival. citizens were invited to 1810 1811 the royal celebration New attractions became part of the event, such as carousels and beer stands. Oktoberfest is cancelled when 3,000 die of cholera, inspiring the term 'double-whammy.' 1818 1854 Oktoberfest was can- celled due to Bavaria's The battle between wine and beer comes to involvement in the a head with the Franco- Prussian War, Oktober- fest cancelled. 1866 1870 CANCELLED Austro-Prussian War. The first Entry of the Oktober- fest Staff and Breweries The beer stands were replaced by the first beer tents and halls set up by breweries. showcases the event's bands 1887 1896 and breweries' horse teams. Bräurosl - the largest Oktoberfest beer tent ever - was opened. For years, World War I prevented Oktoberfest from being held, leaving Germans demoralized to the point of defeat. 1913 1914 CANCELLED Germany did not learn their lesson, cancelling Oktober- fest during WWII and for a few years after. Germany goes 0-2 in World Wars. Since 1950, the festival opens witha twelve gun salute and the tapping of the first keg at noon. 1939 1950 CANCELLED The now world-famous Festival cancels the horse races. Turns out clydesdales are the Billy Joel's of the horse world. The establishment of "quiet Oktoberfest" leads to tents playing music quietly, which preserves the event's traditional atmosphere. 1960 2005 A law to ban smoking is introduced and quickly laughed off by snobby smoking Europeans. Snobby smoking Europeans develop emphy- sema; the smoking ban is re-instituted, set to take effect in 2011. 2008 2010 2011 6 million people attend the festival, which is about half of Australia's adult population. On average, a liter of beer at the festival, known as a stein, will cost attendees about $12. On average the beer served Oktoberfest has an 8% alcohol content, while most beer has 4%. 2010 was the 200th anni- versary of Oktoberfest. Tips to survive Unaware that the festival's beer has a higher alcohol content than most regular beer, many tourists become extremely drunk and, as a result, often pass out. Don't be that guy. Know the best tent for you. Each one has its own characteristic, with various foods and music. Take public transportation to and from the event. Be polite when moving through a crowd. Don't shove or hit anyone. Bring a friend when you go to a tent. Drinking alone is sad in every culture. Ш Веer Wear comfort- able clothes and shoes that you won't mind getting dirty. Keep your phone and credit cards in your pockets, and occasionally check to make sure they're still there. There are thousands of people in the festival. So, don't try to find your friends inside the tents. Meet them somewhere else before you go there. Oktoberfest actually starts in September, so plan accordingly so you don't miss it. Arriving early to avoid lines is a good idea; passing out in a tent the night before is not. Avoid hard liquor and those who are drinking it. The 'beer before liquor. rule definitely applies here. 30 SEPTEMBER Try to make friends at the event, instead of making enemies. The festival's beers have a higher alcohol content, which you should keep in mind. Always remember: your bartender or barmaid control your fate. Treat them accordingly. Remember you're not Super- man, just super drunk, know your limits. How to build up your tolerance 1 Eat a hearty meal prior to drinking. It will slow down the alcohol absorption in your body. Drink water and soda while you're consuming alcohol. It slows down intoxication and will prevent dehy- dration later. Continue to eat small meals and snacks throughout the day. Don't drink too much at once. Take it slow. ACCREDITED Sources: | BBC News | | | | | ONLINE Information provided by: COLLEGES Facts

How to Survive Oktoberfest

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Each year, Germans and alcoholics across the globe travel to Munich for the annual beer festival, Oktoberfest.


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