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How To Surveillance Proof Your Hotel Room

SURVEILLANCE PROOF PICTURE THIS: YOU'RE ON THE RUN, YOU'VE JUST EXPOSED TOP-SECRET INFORMATION ON YOUR GOVERNMENTS SPYING ACTIVITY AND EVERYONE IS LOOKING FOR YOU. IN HOW TO YOUR PLIGHT YOUR ONLY REFUGE BECOMES HOTEL ROOMS - BUT HOW DO YOU AVOID SURVEILLANCE? YOUR HOTEL ROOM HERE ARE OUR TOP TIPS FOR YOU TO KEEP YOUR PRIVACY PRIVATE, "Even if you're not doing anything wrong, you are being watched and recorded. Suspicion-less surveillance does not become okay simply because it's only victimizing 95% of the world instead of 100%." - Edward Snowden, NSA Whistleblower WHAT TO CHECK? ***.. Common items used for surveillance SD Card slots & USB ports ep the eg you've got to think like a bad guy" A Coat hook hidden cameras F Behind picture frames K Tissue boxes Tooth brush holder G Within lamps & Soap dish L DVD players C Smoke detectors H Power outlets M TV sets Modem Clock DVR N Behind mirrors Nightvision Hidden Camera Ifthere are two smoke detectors in a room something might be very wrong - a smoke detector camera can give a 360° view of a room - more than other surveillance cameras. Doubles as a digital alarm clock & radio with built in DVR. Intelligent motion detection captures all the action, even in total darkness up to 30ft away. D Telephone ! Light switches J Pinhole cameras E Wireless wall clock ! AC Adapter hidden cameras Has a very small aperture and requires only a small hole to shoot - could be anywhere including flower bouquets. ! Hidden compartments In most cases a spy camera is going to be hidden in an everyday household object that is small enough to ship discreetly. Look for items that are ordinary DID YOU KNOW? household items that are not necessarily picked up; British spy agency GCHQ 1) Check inanimate objects for pin holes. monitored bookings of at least 350 luxury hotels in the Royal Concierge program. Check vents or openings in the wall where 2) one could access and install a spy camera This allowed GCHQ to prepare without drawing attention. eavesdropping measures on what the agency termed Look for small holes that don't belong in government hard targets'. your room as mini cameras need a hole. You should look for wires - usually 4 somewhere that has a good view If you believe you are being taped probably eye to hip level. Most surveillance cameras have night vision capabilities & motion detection. To avoid this bring your own electronics to hotels & remove - change your room as many as you can that you don't need. immediately - listen to your inner voice Devices you can use for prevention Consider investing in a spy camera detector - you may need two different types to sweep your room thoroughly. A camera finder hidden camera detector can quickly scan a room and locate hidden cameras, no matter how covert. DID YOU KNOW? A Bug Guard searches for listening devices, is pocket sized and fits in your palm. Between 1958 and 1989, the 5 star boutique Jalta Hotel in Prague spied on its guests from a 24 hour underground spying operation in a anti- nuclear bunker and listening post below its grounds. If you stayed there in this time the chances are your room was bugged and phone was tapped. You can buy Portable jammers that jam cell phones, wireless videos and GPS tracking systems in a range of 60 feet. An alternative option is to use a lens finder simply hold it over areas where the camera might be to detect if there is a lens. This is good for cameras that may be hidden behind glass or the face of an object (like a digital clock). YOUR MOBILE PHONE Our phone calls can provide plentiful information "It takes just four calls or text messages, each made at a different time and place, to distinguish one person's movements from everyone else's" How to tap-proof was expected to grow 38% in 2013 to O$1.33 billion, and hit $3 billion by 2017" your mobile "The market for security mobile software O Get something like Seecrypt for your phone. The idea behind this app is that you can chat with others who use Seecrypt and are also encrypted. 38% OMake secure calls with Silent Circle or Redphone applications that encrypt your calls and send them over a data connection or Wi-Fi instead of your carriers network. O........ A new The NSA can remotely turn on your phone's camera and recorder at any time, even when your phone is off. standard for communication known as WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) could enable users to make calls over the The NSA inserted code into Androids operating system giving it access to 3/4 of the world's smart phones and cell towers track where your phone is at any internet without leaving any traces at all. That's because it doesn't rely on centralised servers but rather sends traffic directly moment. between individual computers. DID YOU KNOW? OFF Pocket, a privacy accessory that caters to your paranoia - Funded by kickstarter - Faraday cage for your smartphone. When you put your phone inside all the signals it transmits and receives are blocked, rendering the phone The Blackphone is a new device available to the public built specifically with PrivatOS. Specifically built to protect the user from the NSA and any other intruders. Digital footprints - nobody else can watch you without your knowledge. 'untraceable. The UK and US intelligence forces have hacked into and planted spyware on more than 50,000 computer networks worldwide. Here are our tips to stay private online. Keep your important documents away from prying eyes ONLINE SECURITY How to tap-proof Google and Facebook hold upwards of 90% of the real bulk of spying interest your laptop 90% Like ww. Surf the web ominously using Tor -a powerful Virtual Private Network (VPN) designed to hide your IP address and private information from any hackers and spies. Store unimportant decoy encrypted data on a Keep your chats private with OTR like system, like song files or video mixed with other Pidgin's encryption or a free chat client like Cryptocat is light years beyond non-sensitive documents - the spies won't know they're unimportant files until they have wasted time decrypting it. Use applications such as Hushmail, what you're experiencing with Google designed to help keep your emails and Facebook. from prying eyes. Protect your search: Check out an engine like Never leave equipment in your hotel room unattended - If you Startpage, which encrypts all of your searches and ! have to - put it in a "soft-cloth," untearable FedEx envelope, seal apparently does not record your IP address. it, mark the closure with pen and put it in the hotel safe so if it is opened it will be noticeable. DID YOU KNOW? Project Meshnet aims to have its own router hardware, and for this to communicate without using the infrastructure of large telecoms companies. That is still some way off, but for now you can use the software version, called cjdns, which runs on existing infrastructure. Physical Meshnets are already up and running in Maryland, Seattle and New York. The NSA is building a $2billion facility in Utah which will use the worlds most powerful supercomputer to monitor virtually all phone calls, emails, internet usage, GO OFF THE GRID Less technical ways to purchases and rentals, break all encryption and then store everyones data permanently. Ditch your smartphone in f avoid surveillance Gooff the grid: Abandon Skype Google Chat and all other top messaging dients like AM Stop using social media: Facebook Twitter& Linkedinare all seen as vital tools by the NSA Tum off location /GPS settings If all else fails, use a carrier pigeon! Presented by

How To Surveillance Proof Your Hotel Room

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