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How To Store Home Brewing Supplies

HOW TOSTORE BREWING SUPPLIES MALTED GRAIN LIQUID MALTED GRAIN HOPS YEAST Store between 50 Store between 50 To avoid heat, light, Store in the fridge to 70 50 and 70 degrees. and 70 degrees. and oxygen, store assure best quality. them in a freezer. Store in the can in which it's sold, using its expiration date as a guide for timing. Containers must be Store them within an Store within the manufacturer's packaging. airtight and dry, and able to keep out bugs and mice. air-tight container to prevent freezer burn. Refer to the Uncrushed grain will store for a year this If opened, shelf life will be closer Hops can last up to a to three months. Refrigerate in year in the freezer. manufacturer's way, while crushed grains will stay good for 2-3 months. the smallest possible container expiration date. to avoid oxidation. RISKS OF POOR STORAGE Though hops have natural preservative qualities, they have to be stored carefully, as Prone to spoilage amd contamination. As with any If stored in poorly sanitized or damaged plastic Mice, rats, and other vermin are often attracted to dry grains. If not kept dry, grains ingredients, bad or "skunked" beer can result containers, some bacterial buildup can lead to over-carbonation, and create "bottle bombs," which can become a home for from poor storage. they can be mold and bacteria. extremely delicate. explode due to pressure. TIPS FOR BETTER STORAGE Store dry ingredients Use hooks or pegboard to hang small items like stirring spoons, Use file cabinets to store unused bottles. like such as spices, racking canes, and bottle brushes. Irish moss, gypsum, and Burton water salts at room temperature, Plastic shelving can create great vertical storage of larger elements Use compartmentalized toolboxes for in airtight bags. Do not refrigerate. smaller items like bottle caps and airlocks. such as fermenters. NEXT DOOR STORAGE SELF STORAGE

How To Store Home Brewing Supplies

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Over the past few years, home brewing has become a popular hobby as beer lovers everywhere are trying their hands at creating their own signature brews. Next Door Storage has put together a useful in...



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