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How To Sleep On Christmas Eve

How to sleep on CHRISTMAS EVE A FESTIVE FAMILY GUIDE On Christmas Eve L in5 in 3 ADULTS ADULTS will get less than five hours sleep. will be jumping out of bed on Christmas morning between 4 and 7 AM. On Christmas morning OF ADULTS 41% consider themselves excited on Christmas morning. 16 24 to The MOST YEAR OLDS ENTHUSIASTIC confess to age group 811% feeling excited or very excited. Whether you need to get your kids to sleep or want to pretend that's why you are looking at this guide, follow these tips and tricks to ensure you and your family wake up feeling fresh on Christmas Day. Before Christmas Eve CHRISTMAS COLOUR CODES METHOD Wrap presents in advance, using different coloured wrapping paper. RESULT You won't have to stay up till 2am, figuring out which presents are yours, only for Bert the miniature dachshund to open a PS4 in the morning. Christmas Eve Morning SELF-INDUCED EXHAUSTION METHOD Get up early on Christmas Eve morning. Check you have everything. Prepare whatever you can for tomorrow. Но RESULT By 10 PM Christmas Eve, you will be a stumbling husk of your former energetic self. You'll sleep like a baby. FOOD DOS, FOOD DON'TS. METHOD Peel, cut and parboil your Christmas Day veg & store in containers in the fridge. 5 PM – Cut off time for sugary sweets. Refined sugars stress hormone-producing organs & can interrupt your sleep. Carbonara Make spaghetti carbonara for dinner. 100G PANCETTA 100G CHEESE 350G SPAGHETTI 50G UNSALTED BUTTER 3 EGGS 2 GARLIC CLOVES SERVES 4 RESULT You'll be sugar & worry free, ready to drift off into a cheesy carb slumber. Christmas Eve Night KID'S BEDTIME МЕТНOD Track Santa online - when he gets too close, it's bedtime for the kids. They'll need to be asleep before he arrives! Give your child(ren) a small Christmas Eve prezzie from you and bedtime-prompting pyjamas. This will help relieve some partner, such as excitement. Finally, read "The Night before Christmas" as a bedtime story. RESULT The children know the routine, and are as ready as they’ll ever be for Christmas Day. SOBER SANTA METHOD Leave Santa a non-alcoholic alternative to brandy. RESULT Santa won't have the negative impact of alcohol during sleep. Santa will sleep through & wake, fresh as a reindeer. If Santa must have an alcoholic beverage, make it eggnog. The nutmeg contains tyrosine which converts to sleep-inducing serotonin. PARENTS PREPARE METHOD Now is your opportunity! Set the mood Light candles, play 'Fairy- tale of New York' and finish off any extra wrapping. Create evidence Stack presents. Hint: Reindeer tend to leave footprints outside in what looks like glitter. Prepare your turkey m O000 Put it in the oven to slow- roast overnight. RESULT You're in the mood for Christmas Day in the most relaxed and organised way. Time for bed! PARENT'S BEDTIME Marley was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of his burial was signed by the clergyman, the clerk, the undertaker, and the chief mourner. METHOD Set the lights down low, make sure Santa's drink isn't wasted, and open a copy of A Christmas Carol. RESULT "Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.' Dreams References vealed-1099723 ra ШШ :....................... :........... .................. ......... ................. ...................

How To Sleep On Christmas Eve

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This infographic explores methods of sleeping well on Christmas Eve.




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