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How to shorten Ready Made Curtains

How to Shorten READY MADE CURTAINS How to Shorten Ready Made Curtains on 3" Pencil Pleat Heading Tape (3" Pencil Pleat tape, may also be referred to as Standard Heading or Regis Tape) Measuring Tape Sewing Machine Needle & Thread Tools & Materials Required Fabric/Dressmaking Iron Scissors Seam Ripper or Thread Snips Pins PRO TIP: Before commencing the alteration of any ready-made product, it is always advisable to un-pack and check the product thoroughly first. Where possible, hang ready-made curtains (without gathering the tapes) even if they are too long; and inspect them for colour match, pattern match and any flaws or faults prior to altering them. Most manufactures/suppliers cannot or will not replace faulty products once they have been altered. Step 1: Remove the Heading Tape PRO TIP: The professional way to shorten ready -made curtains on a gathered heading is from the top. Adopting this method means that there is no need to go through the timely exercise of undoing the side seams or bottom hems. N.B. – Important! The exception to this is if your curtains have eyelet heading, a contrasting top border or border pattern. In this instance the curtains would need to be shortened from the bottom to avoid losing any of the desirable detail at the top. Using a quick un-pick (seam ripper) or thread snips, carefully unpick the stitching that secures the 3" heading tape and remove it as carefully as possible to avoid damaging the curtain or the tape, as you will need it again later. Do not discard the tape. Remove all loose or part threads from both the curtain and the tape. PRO TIP: Time saver Tip - Snipping one stitch every inch or so along each stitching line on the tape, will allow you to pull the tape off fairly easily without any damage and will save time unpicking every stitch. Step 2: Measure Off Smooth the curtain out on a clean flat surface (this often has to be the floor if you are doing full length or wide curtains) with the lining side (or wrong side if un-lined) uppermost, ensuring that the bottom edge of the curtain and the bottom edge of the lining are running level and parallel with each other. Using a steel tape measure, measure off from the bottom of the curtain upwards, the required finished length and turn the top of the curtain over (lining and fabric together if lined), to this measurement. Pin the turning, trim to a maximum of 2.5" (6cms) and press lightly. 6cm 6cm Step 3: Re-attach the Heading Tape Pin the tape to the top edge of the curtain, turning under the short edges level with the outer edges of the curtain and stitch along the top and bottom edges of the tape with a straight stitch and a thread that colour matches the main fabric. PRO TIP: Securely tie the cords at the end of the tape that will be on the leading edge of the curtain. Fold under the short edge of the tape to hide the cords and stitch across the edge of the tape catching the cords at the same time. Fold the tape under at the outer edge of the curtain but leave the cords loose for gathering and leave the end of the tape open. The excess cord can be neatly wound and tucked inside this open end of the tape once the curtains are drawn up. Lightly press all over on a low to medium heat to remove any obvious creases. terrysfabrics Your professionally shortened curtains are now ready to be hung. Transform your home for less" TM

How to shorten Ready Made Curtains

shared by terrys14 on Jul 25
Windows don’t come in standard size and length is too long at times and this shouldn't stop you from having the pencil pleat curtains of your dreams. The curtains can easily be shortened to the corr...


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