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How to self-publish a book

HOW TO SELF-PUBLISH A BOOK this is how self-publsihng a book done right from scratch WRITE A BOOK There is no way you can self-publish unless you start writing your book and have it ready at hand. Before anything else, bear in mind that your craft can only be called a book when it has the average of 60,000 words and that is already inclusive of the entire content and indexing. Live with the discipline with the number of hours you spend in writing everyday and reach that goal so as to get your book done in short time. PROOFREAD BOOK CONTENT The higher frequency you do it for your own craft, the higher the quality you can gain in the future. So, find time to edit your manuscript not just once or twice but more times and keep repeating it until you are sure enough that your book is ready for the next step. If you feel you still unsure; get help from professional editors. It would cost you but to be an author of a perfect book is worth your every penny. THE BEST TITLE You might have already started doing it in the beginning even before you have finished writing your book. Yet, along the way, you might think of a better title for your book that can persuade the consumers and your target readers to buy it. Make it so interesting to everyone's eyes. BOOK DESIGN The design of your book should speak about its content. What is your book genre? What are you talking about in your book? Consider them in choosing the best book design. The more extraordinary your book design is; the higher attraction it can create among the buyers out there. If you are not too confident or less knowl- edgeable about this technical part, there are professional designers you can turn ACQUIRE COPYRIGHT The safest way to do it is to submit your book to the copyright office and fill up some forms to have your craft registered in your name. You can also apply for it online or hire a self-publishing company to do it for you. PURCHASE AN ISBN NUMBER ISBN refers to a 13 digit code used to easily identify and track your book. There are numerous self-publishing companies offering this service for self-published authors so as to lessen the hassles. Because you want to publish your book; it means you want to profit from it and if you want to do it solely by yourself, you should be able to acquire ISBN number so that your b0ok can be listed in the Bowker database where bookstores pick up the latest books for retailing. PRINT YOUR BOOK When everything is set, you are now ready to print your manuscript. Make sure you have that good quality of paper for your book pages because the price of your work also varies on the quality of paper you are generating to the buyers, the binding quality, and of course-the colors. SELF-PUBLISH ELECTRONICALLY This is another option wherein you can publish your book online. There are a lot of websites where you can publish your book in e-book format. It does not take much of your investment for your book. It is only a little extra effort and besides, business online is now a trend. SECURE A WEBSITE Success! You are now a self-published author. Now, you need to own a website so that buyers can easily contact you in the future. MARKET YOUR BOOK Everything is set except your further moves to generate funds back to your account. Start marketing your book and grab as many marketing options as you can. You may do it yourself or partner with self-publishing companies who can help you reach your target readers. Self-publishing a book involves perfecting a book as the pedestal and going further into marketing it to the right readers. As self-publisher, you need to edit, choose the best book title and design, acquire copyright and ISBN for your book and have it printed or published online. BOOKWHIRL SOURCES || | .com

How to self-publish a book

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Self-publishing a book involves perfecting a book as the pedestal and going further into marketing it to the right readers. As self-publisher, you need to edit, choose the best book title and design, ...






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