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How to Save Money Growing Vegetables at Home

How to Fruit& Vegp at Home let, S, Yew Some Money! How? If you're looking to save money around the house, why not do it by having some fun in the garden? Growing fruit and vegetables can make your garden look attractive, keep you busy and also save you loads of money on your weekly shopping! Potatoes I When to Plant: Late Feb-Early Mar Ó Time to Grow: 10-20 Weeks I Expected ROI: -300%+ Grow mint alongside your potatoes to create delicious homemade mint sauce and to use for garnishing, and also to protect them from pesky bugs and insects. Sadly, potatoes do not count towards your 5-a-day, you'll have to pick another vegetable. Perhaps something a little more green? Peas I When to Plant: Mar-Jun Ó Time to Grow: 12-16 Weeks I Expected ROI: -150%+ Peas require larger areas of space and won't produce too many meals worth of peas per harvest. For best use of space and crop yield, make use of successional sowings throughout spring. 80g of peas counts as one of your 5-a-day and they go great with fish and chips. Onions I When to Plant: Mid Mar-Mid Apr Ó Time to Grow: 13-25 Weeks I Expected ROI: -300%+ Onions can be tricky to keep in good health as they grow, so be sure to plant in a well-lit, spacious, clean area and be sure to keep on top of weeding. /2 Half an onion counts as one of your 5-a-day, and they are easily added to loads of dishes. Tomatoes I When to Plant: Feb-Apr Ó Time to Grow: 10-13 Weeks Expected ROI: ~500%+ Tomatoes are one of the most profitable things that you can grow at home. Despite being cheap to plant and maintain, they can produce large yields and are also typically quite expensive to purchase in-store. One medium tomato, or seven cherry tomatoes count as one of your 5-a-day. Why not throw some in a salad? 5. Sulad Leaves I When to Plant: May-Jul Ô Time to Grow: 3-4 Weeks Expected ROI: -1000%+ Salad leaves grow rapidly through the summer months, and can also be grown indoors all year round. If harvested correctly, they'll continue to grow time and time again! It only takes a handful of salad leaves to notch up another one of your 5-a-day. Beetrooto I When to Plant: Mar-Jul Ô Time to Grow: 9-12 Weeks I Expected ROI: -300%+ Similarly to peas, beetroots are great for successional sowing for harvesting multiple times throughout the season. DID YOU KNOW? Each beetroot plant will grow one beetroot; but a beetroot seed may grow more than one plant. 5. Three baby beetroot, or seven slices of a larger one counts as one of your 5-a-day. Cucumber I When to Plant: Mar-Jun Ó Time to Grow: 12-14 Weeks Expected ROI: ~200%+ Use ridge cucumbers if you want to grow your fruit outside rather than in a greenhouse. Each plant should be germinated inside for around 10 days, and should then typically go on to grow around 5 healthy sized cucumbers on average. A 2-inch piece of cucumber counts as one of your 5-a-day. Cram a few slices in a sandwich and you are well on your way! (5 2" Sources| | | Brought to you by: CLIMA DOOR ADAY ADAY ADAL ADAY ADAY ADAY ADAY

How to Save Money Growing Vegetables at Home

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If you’re looking to improve your financial situation or looking to become a little more frugal and have some spare time around the house, a great way thing to consider is growing fruit and veg in t...




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