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How To Save Money On Groceries

GROCERY STORE GPS! HOW TO AVOID SPENDING TRAPS GROCERY STORES are LITTERED WITH TRAPS designed to get vou to SPEND MORE MONEY. Outsmart promotional tricks by identifying them before you shop. $500 The AVERAGE AMERICAN FAMILY spends almost $500 ON GROCERIES PER MONTH. 1) Produce TRAP INDIVIDUAL AND PRECUT FRUITS AND VEGGIES PRECUT fruits and vegetables are MARKED UP ABOUT 1.5 TIMES MORE than UNCUT produce. l21 If a LARGE BAG OF VEGETABLES is on SALE, DON'T PASS IT up because you're afraid they'll spoil. m Use the EXTRA VEGETABLES for STEWS, SOUPS, FRITTATAS and other healthy snacks. 131 m FREEZE THE REST! (3) In April 2012, a 5-LB. BAG of Granny Smith Apples WAS $3.99. (4) m Buying the 5 lb bag will SAVE YOU MORE THAN $2. In April 2012, GRANNY SMITH APPLES WERE SI.23 PER POUND. Selution: If you have time to prepare several dishes and room to freeze the rest, go for whole fruits and vegetables in larger quantities. TRAP ENDCAPS If the chocolate bars or big jars of peanut butter PLACED AT THE END OF THE AISLE LOOK APPEALING, there's a reason: MANUFACTURERS OFTEN PAY STORES to FEATURE THEIR Almost 70% of customers WHO SPLURGE on these items do so to "TREAT THEMSELVES." (6) PRODUCTS in prime locations at the FRONT AND BACK OF AISLES. (51 Solution: tick to your list and remember: Endcaps are there to entice you! WHAT YOU SEE ISN'T WHAT YOU SHOULD GET TRAP Manufacturers might PAY retailers for EYE-LEVEL PLACEMENT. Researchers have seen SHOPPERS GET 40% OF THEIR PURCHASES from shelves within 12 INCHES OF THEIR EYE LEVEL. Make sure to look up and down 1 Solution.: when choosing your groceries. ROUNDING DOWN TRAP $9.99 PRICING, meaning PRICES THAT END IN THE NUMBER 9. 17 Don't be tricked by "CHARM" E Some people might SEE $9.99 AS BEING $9 INSTEAD OF $10. GROCERY STORE RECEIPT E They associate it with a good deal. Round up prices that end in 9 so you $13.09 Solution. have a better idea of what you're paying. TOTAL $55.95 AVERAGE SHOPPERS plan to spend about $17.35 on ITEMS THAT AREN'T ON THEIR CORE SHOPPING LISTS. (8) Packaged gobds TRAP PASTA SAUCE Pasta Sauce PREMADE SAUCES can run FROM $2 TO $6. 9) m Buying THE EQUIVALENT in CANNED TOMATOES is often HALF THAT AMOUNT. Solution: Save money by using tomatoes, wine, herbs and veggies to create your own sauce. TRAP SMALLER-CUT PIECES OF MEAT OR CHEESE SAVE Never buy these UNLESS THEY'RE ON SALE. 10) m STEAKS CUT up for stews or STIR-FRYS can be MARKED UP 300%o in some cases. Solution. Buy the bigger pieces, which are often on sale and ask the butcher to cut them up for free. TRAP BONELESS MEAT AND POULTRY If you buy CHICKEN BREASTS WITH THE BONE AND SKIN, you'll pay about $2.79 A POUND, $2.791b s. $5 tb as opposed to paying about $5 A POUND for CHICKEN WITHOUT THE BONE AND SKIN. (23) Solution.: Buy bone-in chicken, which will take more preparation, but will save you money at the store. The AVERAGE AMERICAN FAMILY spends about 9.8% OF ITS INCOME ON FOOD. [12) The Deli TRAP! PACKAGED MEAT & CHEESE SAVE You can SAVE 50% BY BUYING FRESH DELI MEAT INSTEAD of THE PACKAGED KIND. E33 50% m If you're thinking of just buying your lunch, don't- THE PRICE OF MANY TYPES OF SANDWICHES (including salami and ham and Swiss) HAVE SHOWN AN INCREASE IN PRICE. 24) Take the time to wait in line for the cheaper, fresh A deli meat. The extra effort will help you save money. Solution: REGISTER IMPULSE PURCHASES TRAP STORES PLANT REGISTER AISLES and the area just beyond it with APPEALING TREATS TO CATCH YOUR EYE, and kiosks to capture your spare change. 15) Magagine GROCERY BILL 30% P In general, BUYING IMPULSE ITEMS can ADD about 30% TO YOUR MONTHLY GROCERY BILL. 161 MORE Put your change away right after checking out to reduce the temptation. 11) Solution: People spend $2 LESS per trip IF THEY SHOP CLOCKWISE AROUND THE STORE.(7) Tum Next time you make a trip to the grocery store, remember these traps. YOU CAN SAVE BOTH TIME AND MONEY! Sources [1] [2] eshow=slide10 [3] 311/page9.html [4] 000060454/ (61 [71 "Best & Worst Supermarkets." Consumer Reports May 2012: 20-21, Print. [8] (gi,0,344605 6.photogallery [10] (11 ] -chicken-dinner-nightsbrbr/1222012 [12],0,1342339.phot ogallery [13] [14] 98e38 [15] cery [16] alyou FEATURED %24

How To Save Money On Groceries

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Looking for ways to save money on groceries? Start by knowing when grocery stores are tricking you into spending more money than you intended, and adjust your shopping strategy accordingly.



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