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How to Restore an Old Car on a Budget

How to Restore an Old Car on a Budget Basics Why do you want to restore a car? If you want to sell the car once you are done you will get the most value out of your restored car if the numbers on the engine, body, Who will do the work? The older the car the simpler the engine. If you are inexperienced an older car may be easier to work on. Doing the work yourself is the number one way to keep costs down. frame and transmission match. How What will you get the work done? You will need kind of car do you want to end up with? If you want to keep the car as original as possible you will need information on very specific parts. If you want to customize the car you will need to think more creatively to fit modern amenities in an older machine. Why? Who? lots of educational materials at your disposal including the internet, written manuals, and help from other car enthusiasts. How? What? When? Where? Where When will you will you be able to work on the car? Calculate whether or not the work on the car? A disassembled car takes up 3 to 4 times the space of an time spent doing the work yourself will be worth the money saved by avoiding professional help. assembled car. Mechanicals .. .... Rule When in doubt, replace instead of using worn out parts. Rule You need to No.2 understand the car's: Rule Keep track of every part that is removed from the car. No.1 No.3 Catalog and store it in a safe place until it can be put back in the car. N Engine N Transmission O Suspension Muffler Brakes N Electrical System Paint $50 vs. $400 At a Shop VS. Do it Yourself Materials 3 Quarts 6 Rustoleum Mineral Spirits 1 bottle Car Paint Foam RollersSand Paper Sand Paper Polish Quart 3 Quarts 600 1500 Primer High Density Grit Grit Paint Day 1 +. Thoroughly sand old paint off with 600 grit sand paper. Day 2 Apply 1 coat primer. Day 3 Apply 2 coats of paint mixed 50/50 with mineral spirits. Day 4 +, Sand with 600 grit paper and apply 2 more coats. Day 5 Sand with 600 grit paper and apply 2 more coats. Day 6 Sand with 600 grit paper and apply 1 more coat then sand with 1500 grit paper. and Let paint dry for 7 days. Polish with a power buffer. Sources: restore_a_car.htm

How to Restore an Old Car on a Budget

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Car lovers tend to have that one car in their backyard that has been sitting there for years. You know you want to restore it but the budget is tight. Here are a few pointers on how to restore it on a budget.


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