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How to Repair A Torn Inflatable Water Slide

How to repair 0 a torn inflatable water slide If you want a thing done the proper way then Do It Yourself! Find Determine where the hole is. If it's just a small hole it could be hard to spot. In order to find it just spray the whole thing with soapy water and then inflate the slide as usual. Now take a closer look where you see bubbles forming, that's where your tear is. Prepare Now, you must make sure that the area around the hole is dry before proceeding. Also, in order to spot the hole easier next time mark it by placing 4 strips of masking tape all around it. Sew Sew the hole by using a needle and a thread. Use a strong thread and sew as close together as you can. Patch Prepare the patch before you start, make sure it's at least half an inch bigger than the tear. Take the glue in your hand and spread small amounts of glue around the surface where you made the apply the patch over the glue and the newly sewn tear. square. Now Wait Now wait for the glue and patch to dry out, leave them at least 24 hours before trying to inflate the slide again, don't be anxious." Done You're done, test it out and see how good of a DIY guy/gal you are ! 080

How to Repair A Torn Inflatable Water Slide

shared by catricelongton on Feb 17
This cool infographic teaches you in 5 easy steps how to repair your inflatable water slide. It's easy and fun so why not do it yourself.








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