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How to repair concrete cracks ?

ZIL CONCRETE How to repair concrete cracks? ZILCONCRETE.COM KEEP IN MIND THAT THE LESS SEVERE DAMAGE OF YOUR CONCRETE SIDEWALK IS CRACKING. IF IT IS NOT TOO DEEP, IT CAN BE EASILY REPAIRED. BUT, IF YOU IGNORE THE APPEARANCE OF THE CRACKED CONCRETE, CRACKS CAN LEAD TOA MORE SERIOUS AND DEEP DAMAGE. FOR INSTANCE- WATER FROM RAIN, DRAINING AND OTHER SOURCES CAN STAY IN THE CONCRETE CRACKS FOR A PROLONGED PERIOD OF TIME. IT WILL INFLUENCE THE STRUCTURE OF THE CONCRETE AND DEMOLISH YOUR SIDEWALK. SO, ENSURE THE CRACKS ARE TAKEN CARE OF BEFORE IT TAKES PLACE. • HOW CAN YOU DO REPAIRS YOURSELF? • For this, first you need to clean the concrete thoroughly • Now drain any residue water from the cracks • Now fill the concrete cracks with the epoxy adhesive and filler. The filler will cure and the cracks will be filled . You will prevent the crack in this way from expanding and ruining your concrete slab. Besides, it will make your concrete sidewalk look better. The still wet concrete part will be leveled with a trowel to make sure the connecting sections are flush. Also, once dry, the form will be removed and the sidewalk will be open again for foot traffic. If your concrete slab is in worse shape, then you must go for the whole concrete resurfacing. This job must be left to professionals rather doing it yourself. GREAT TIPS FOR YOU!

How to repair concrete cracks ?

shared by angelathomasus on Sep 07
Keep in mind that the less severe damage of your Concrete sidewalk is cracking. If it is not too deep, it can be easily repaired. But, if you ignore the appearance of the cracked concrete, cracks ca...


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