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How to Raise Funds for Your Startup

How to RAISE FUNDS FOR YOUR STARTUP brought to you by buzinga 1 Decide on your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) 2 Designa Prototype You must be able to communicate your idea to potential users & investors. What is the one thing that will differentiate your app from your competitors? Design 2-3 screens & a prototype to visually communicate how your product will work. 4 Build A Minimum Viable Product (...... Find an app developer and build the simplest version of your app that you can. Manual User Testing It must clearly communicate your USP. 3 Ask members of your target audience to test your prototype. Ifit doesn't make sense to them, re-design your product. 10,000 ***** Aim for 10,000 Downloads 6. Collect Data Create Social Media Ads, approach Your greatest asset at this point, is your data. bloggers, contact media companies & develop strategic partnerships. Understand your users. Where are the drop-off points? What are the behaviours of your "highest quality" users? (........ Find Investors To Pitch To Investors include VC's, Angel Investors, networks, partners, friends and family. The appropriate investor type will depend on the scalability of your product. Create "THE PERFECT PITCH" 7 After dissecting your data, you can now see opportunities for monetisation and market size. It's time to develop the Perfect Investor Pitch. 9 It's Pitch Time Develop confidence in your idea, don't be afraid of investors stealing 10 Keep Scaling it. As you find investment, use that Clearly communicate your vision for growth. money to scale the product. No investor wants to fund a marketing campaign; they want to invest in making a better product. (...... Be An Eternal Optimist 12 The one thing that separates success from failure is the ability for an entrepreneur to stay optimistic and never give up. 11 Optimise For Engagement & Retention Ahigher performing product = higher investment opportunities. A/B test UX designs at pain-points to increase engagement and retention. Sharing is caring. by buzinga fY 8+ 00

How to Raise Funds for Your Startup

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Are you planning to launch your own startup app? One thing you should consider is how to raise funds by properly pitching to potential investors. First you need a Unique Selling Proposition or USP. Th...




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