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How to Promote your Brand in 2014 ?

BRANDİNG ARE YOU STILL MISSING THESE SPECIAL TIPS IN 2014? Have you ever wondered about some of the most notice- able transformations of this century? Think about mar- keting these days. There was a time when sales people used to knock your door day in and day out. And today it's something else. Today the websites knock your browsers; androids, may be your iphone. So today let's discuss about some simple yet evergreen tips of branding. Try them out and you can find your ROI swelling up. What do you want from your web- site? Often we start well but then the KEBSTE greediness gets us carried away. The outcome is we have every possible thing present on our. website. No matter if it's going to fetch us cus- tomers or not. So make a simple goal and develop your website all around it. BE A HARSH CRITIC OF YOUR WORK Whenever we develop a site, we always think it's the best work created by us. Try to visualize things on your website from users perspective not from your point of view. GET INTO THE DRIVER SEAT OF BRANDING Once you have fixed your goal and developed the website, it’s time for you to enter the battlefield. GIVE A TRY TO PRESS RELEASE NEWS Use press release to create brand awareness about your site and the products you provide. START A BLOG Blogging has always been the apple of the eye from brand managers. The reason being with the help of blogging you can engage a big chunk of readers. BLOG Blogs not only help you to make new custom- ers but at the same time it helps you to au- thenticate your profile and engage with your customers, keep them updated. PROPERLY SCHEDULED GUEST POSTING Although today there is a divided view on the use of guest blog but be- lieve me if you have a proper plan for guest blogging, then it can be one of the best things to do in order to increase your brand awareness. SOCIAL MEDIA Using social media is like adding cherry on top. If you have a good website, authenticated products and growing client base, then why not use social media to throttle your progress even You Tube further. COLLABORATE WITH THE PLAYERS IN YOUR NICHE It's always good to collaborate with the players of your niche. It helps in building trust and at the same time reaching out to more potential customers. AT THE END OF THE DAY REMEMBER THAT WHEN YOU ARE MARKETING YOUR PRODUCTS, YOU ARE TRYING TO INCREASE YOUR BRAND AWARENESS; TRY TO BE CRE- ATIVE AND GENUINE. Brought To You By: KOL Limited ABOUT THE COMPANY: KOL LIMITED IS AN ECOMMERCE SOLUTIONS & A DIGITAL MARKETING COMPANY. THE ONLINE MARKETING TEAM AT KOL LIMITED SPECIALIZES IN THE VARIOUS MARKETING, POSITIONING & BRANDING ACTIVITIES. THIS IS ONE OF THE VALUABLE INFO-GRAPHICS SHARED BY THE COMPANY.

How to Promote your Brand in 2014 ?

shared by kollimited on Mar 20
Are you happy with your current brand management or you are still looking for some ground-breaking branding tips? This infograph created by KOL Limited team revolves around some of the best branding t...


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