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How to Pack a Storage Unit Like a Pro

Tips on How to PACK Like a Pro. The Top 6 1. PACK EFFICIENTLY Use the same size boxes for easy stacking Clear out before packing- don't store clutter Don't pack boxes heavier than 30 Ibs. 2. USE THE RIGHT PACKING MATERIALS Use newsprint or bubble wrap to cushion boxes Choose sturdy Use mattress, chair, and sofa covers cardboard boxes 3. WATCH OUT FOR Use drawers YOUR FURNITURE to store smal| items or linens Remove legs when possible Break down items to the smallest possible size 4. BUILD AN AISLE Provide easy access to your belongings Create storage stacks around the aisle Make sure box labels face the aisle 5. PACK UP, NOT ACROSS Stack boxes high to take full advantage of the space Keep a short ladder to access higher boxes Put heaviest items on the bottom 6. GUARD AGAINST DAMAGE Use bubble wrap for mirrors, glasses, and other breakables Spray wood furniture with furniture polish Book Self Storage Online

How to Pack a Storage Unit Like a Pro

shared by avenger541 on Dec 30
How to pack your storage unit the right way so everything is organized and accessible.


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