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How to nail the interview

How to nail the interview The interview is the most crucial part of the job application process. It's the part where you have to think on your feet, to make a strong first impression and where even the best employees can find themselves without a clue what to say. Coming up with the right answers on the spot can be tricky, especially when you have to remember to look and sound the part. Let's take a look at how to get it right and score your dream job – before, during and, yes, after the interview. Before the Interview Do your research! You might or might not be specifically quizzed on details like how long the company has been in business, but it will help give context to your answers and might be useful if the interview starts with "What do you know about us?" Find out how you're suited to the position too. 35% of applicants are actually qualified for Only the job they're applying to. CV You will be one of around Go through the job description, writing down the duties, skills and experience 15 called for, and then write out in detail how you fulfil each part of the criteria. You can even take along these notes to candidates interviewed for the interview to refer to if you like - most your position employers are fine with the use of notes. Daniel Briggs, Head of Marketing at Blue Octopus, says: "Use whatever resources you can find to prepare for the interview - { Linkedin and the company website are a great start, but try to find out about some of the company's recent projects and research some of their greatest achievements so that you have plenty to talk about. Social media sites can also give you a good insight into the company's working environment so pay attention to these." During the Interview Keep it in check You're bound to be nervous during the interview, but try to keep it in check - you communicate more than youư'd think through your posture, gestures and facial expressions. Try not to be too thrown by even the most unexpected questions. Here are some of the biggest no-nos. Recruiters dislike (in %) when interviewee 62% 60% appears uninterested (slouches or looks distracted) answers a phone call or texts 51% 44% 30% dresses inappropriately is arrogant is vague The :5 questions you're most likely to hear Tell me Tell me Why did you leave your about your experience about last job yourself What do you Why do you know about want to work our company for us Chris Coleman, Managing Director at Blue Octopus, says: { "In the interview, you have to not only talk about why you're the one for the job, but demonstrate it wherever you can with examples from your past. This goes for skills, experience and even personality traits - it's no good saying you're confident and good with people while staring at your shoes!" EXIT After the Interview Follow up You've made it through the interview – well done! Now all you need to do is wait for feedback, right? Well maybe, but it's nice to shoot a quick email to your interviewer thanking them for their time and basically re-stating your interest in the position. Sometimes it takes time to hear anything back, so you'll have to send a follow-up asking for feedback. -- Remember to keep your note polite and to the point. If you hear nothing for a couple of weeks you may have to assume you didn't get the job – but you will have gained valuable experience for next time! 43% About of job vacancies are filled within 30 days. 57% of those that aren't filled in a month take three months or more*. Kelly Laurenson, Head of Service Delivery, says: { "Effectively, your interview doesn't just end when you walk out of the employer's office. You're still being evaluated in all kinds of ways.. from how polite you are to the receptionist, to the tone of your follow-up messages. You need to stay professional in all dealings with the employer." * sources: ally-takes-employers-fill-open-positions/ Blueetopus Recrultment Infographic designed by Blue Octopus, 2015.

How to nail the interview

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We'll show you how to succeed in the most stressful part of the application process - the job interview. With stats on your side, you'll know what to keep in mind before, during, and yes, after the interview.


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