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How To Move Forward After a Setback

MANACING MOMENTUM SUPER Life is easier when our goals are completed 88% OF WORKERS SPEND AT LEAST 1 HOUR PER DAY PROCRASTINATING ON A TASK POSITIVE THE IMPORTANCE OF 1 MOMENTUM is progress strengthened by continued, day-to-day action MOMENTUM WHY WE PUT THINGS OFF AVOID ANALYSIS PARALYSIS ВЕ PROACTIVE LIVE IN THE PRESENT Initially, procrastination means It may feel harder when we are doing things we have never done before Often problems feel harde than they actually are The future is created by the steps you take now lower stress and more evels time for enjoyable activities overcome But ultimately procrastinators felt more stress, illness, and lower quality of work But the longer it takes to make a decision, the harder it is to start Unaddressed setbacks may pile up and become ever more intimidating, resulting in even bigger issues Failing to reach goals in the moment will make it harder to accomplish further goals later IN LIFE AND BUSINESS, GOOD THINGS CAN COME FROM NEGATIVES "Some things benefit from shocks; they thrive and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder, and stressors... Anti-fragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better" Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder by Nassem Nicholas Taleb WHAT IF BUT NOT ALL ADVERSITY CAN BE EASILY TACKLED /! something halts you and your progress? THE PATH TO RE-EMERGING AFTER A SETBACK ACKNOWLEDGE WHAT WENT WRONG ONE PERCENT SOLUTION Take control of a difficult situation by recognizing the reality of your situation IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS (OR YOURSELF) BY Look as to how it happened and how you can be proactive in moving forward each day 1% You! IN 70 DAYS YOU'LL BE RESET YOUR OUTLOOK 2X as good as Choose to look at setbacks as a lesson and use as motivation you are noW If harnessed right, stress can be taken as a positive force Alan Weiss Stress Don't Stop Believin' BABY STEPS "ONE WAY TO КЕЕР МОМENTUM GOING IS TO HAVE Pick one thing you want to get better at, and do it every day CONSTANTLY GREATER GOALS" Michael Korda Small, incremental improvements over time result in bigger accomplishments MOVING FORWARD CREATE GOALS Start with a dream about your objectives for your ideal timeframe and beyond Start the right habits to hit the ground running come January (or the beginning of any new endeavor) Before a goal can become a plan, you need an idea or vision To make sure that your goal is motivating, WRITE DOWN WHY IT'S VALUABLE AND IMPORTANT TO YOU to do doing done MAKE LISTS TAKE MEASURABLE ACTION START WITH ONE STEP Known progress can be made if you have clear and specific objectives One study showed that making a plan to get tasks done can reduce the anxiety of having uncompleted to-do's Begin with the easiest task that needs be done, and start there Include precise amounts, dates, etc to measure your degree of success With one victory down, the next goal may be simpler to approach and accomplish A list can help give structure to getting things done – and prioritized They also serve as tangible reminders of all that you have accomplished Without a way to measure your success you may feel like you haven't achieved anything yet, which can derail your momentum Eventually your momentum will build to where going forward is easier than not TECH TO HELP YOURSELF Fabulous App Trello Guides users' small lifestyle changes to create habits in 30 days Helps users track projects and tasks with easy-to-use lists "Fast starts are never as important as.. consistently showing up and committing to a process" Procraster Gives advice on how to overcome procrastination based on your specific mindset Seth Godin, author of This Is Marketing BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND AND VISUALIZE YOUR GOAL TO CREATE AN ACTION-DRIVEN PROCESS SOURCES htmage-94cc3flb970d presented by DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

How To Move Forward After a Setback

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The key is to improve your momentum. Can you identify what positive momentum looks like? Find out here.


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