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How to move

ebY INGIYOUR STUFFIWOR/ ΕΜου IS MOV classifieds YOU'D THIT? THINK IT WOULD BE MORE COST EFFECTIVE AND BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT FOR YOU TO PACK UP YOUR STUFF AND MOVE IT WITH YOU... ..BUT THAT MIGHT NOT BE THE CASE IF YOU'RE MOVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY. Let's find out... $ . Moving expenses Loss of stability in employment or business COSTS INVOLVED IN MOVING HOUSE Travel Costs: scoping out your new town Actual cost of securing a new living space Costs related to selling your home How much is it to ship my car? What is the cost of postage for me? COAST TO COAST MOVING A SMALL SHIPPING FOR A VAN, PICK UP OR COMPACT SUV COSTS FOUR-DOOR ABOUT $800 SEDAN IŞ $600 -$1,070 FROM -$1,000. THE NEW YORK TO LOWER END OF SAN FRANCISCO. San New THE SCALE York Francisco REPRESENTS THE LARGER SHIPPING DURING VERSIONS OF THE WINTER THESE VEHICLES MONTHS, THE RUN $900 -$1,170. We have calculated delivery costs to move coast to coast using these zip codes: HIGHER END THE SAME DURING PEAK SUMMER PRICE SUMMER PERIODS. HIKES APPLY. SAN FRANCISCO 94105 NEW YORK 10069 New York to San Francisco 10 Ibs 50 Ibs 70 Ibs EXPRESS MAIL - Next Day $61.05 $196.65 $271.50 PRIORITY MAIL - 2 Days $30.40 $88.70 $111.50 NORMAL MAIL - 7 Days $16.77 $51.72 $69.19 How much will it cost to move all my belongings? San Francisco New York The average contents weight of a 3 bed house is 10,000 lbs 2,905 miles Moving 10,000 lbs 2,905 miles costs between $7,194 - $9,734 Why ship when you can sell? Buying prices Selling prices SHIPPING COSTS TIME AND MONEY, BUT YOU CAN SELL YOUR THINGS AND BUY REPLACEMENT STUFF WHEN YOU GET THERE.WE USED EBAY CLASSIFIEDS TO FIGURE OUT HOW MUCH YOU WOULD COULD SAVE OVER SHIPPING IF YOU SOLD YOUR NOT SO PERSONAL ITEMS IN NEW YORK AND BOUGHT NEW THINGS IN SAN FRANSISCO. Kids Room Bedroom Office BUNK BED QUEEN-SIZED BED $700 $300 DESK $250 $100 $150 $380 $295 $375 DESKTOP COMPUTER $700 $775 $15 MATTRESS CHEST OF DRAWS $200 $200 PRINTER $10 $200 $150 $25 $10 $950 $850 $650 $400 DRESSER DESK CHAIR MACBOOK PRO SONY VAIO Lounge Kitchen Dining Room $600 $900 $430 $400 $689 $1,800 $425 $400 $100 $125 $300 $350 $50 $20 COUCH OVEN TABLE & CHAIRS TELEVISION $500 $750 WASHING MACHINE DVD PLAYER $30 $40 DRYER CHINA HUTCH $20 $35 FRIDGE $200 $500 TV STAND COFFEE STAND $50 $20 MICROWAVE STANDING LAMP $15 $99 FREEZER $75 $120 $150 $40 $35 $90 $200 $200 PERSIAN RUG $350 $245 TOASTER KITCHEN STOOLS COFFEE MAKER Total spent buying $9,040.00 Total made selling - $10,739.00 Total $1,699 Profit! Still not convinced. what about the environment? HOW LONG IT WOULD TAKE AN ACRE OF THE RAIN FOREST TO ABSORB THE CARBON EMITTED FROM SHIPPING YOUR WHOLE HOUSE-LOAD OF STUFF ACROSS THE COUNTRY? TURNS OUT THAT ACRE ABSORBS ABOUT 20.5 POUNDS OF CARBON A DAY,WHICH MEANS IT CAN TAKE AWHILE TO CANCEL OUT YOUR MOVE. Total tons of carbon from New York to San Francisco Days for I acre of rainforest to absorbe carbon Cost to offset the carbon 106.0325 $1,060.33 28.2 years! AIR CARGO 2.22523 $22.25 216 days TRUCK TRAIN 1.37697 $13.77 134 days 0.52871 $0.53 51 days SHIP 1.16781 $1.17 114 days ZEPPELIN Cost of offset per ton - $10 Miles from New York to San francisco - 2905 The carbon cost for individual items keep an eye on your carbon footprint Weight in Ibs Ibs of Carbon Cost of offset ($) PLAYSTATION 3 || 4.8955060000 $0.02 LABRADOR 90 40.0541400000 $0.20 вох OF BОOKS 50 22.2523000000 $0.11 SMALL UPRIGHT PIANO 400 178.0184000000 $0.89 BIG UPRIGHT PIANO 800 356.0368000000 $1.78 F-350 TRUCK 2,000 890.0920000000 $4.45 F-250 TRUCK 1,500 667.5690000000 $3.34 Shipping something from NY to San Fran by truck, you will emit the equivalent to 44.5% of the object's weight in carbon. So... is moving your stuff worth it? Maybe not! buying & selling moving stuff with you $ V MOVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY COULD COST YOU AS LITTLE AS $7,194, BUT IT COULD EMIT AROUND 2 TONS OF CARBON. THOUGH WE CAN'T GUARANTEE YOU'LL MAKEA PROFIT USING EBAY CLASSIFIEDS, YOU CANAT LEAST GET SOME MONEY FOR THE THINGS YOU DON'T WANT TO TAKE WITHYOU, AND SINCE YOU'RE BUYING AND SELLING LOCALLY, IT VWON'T COST THE EARTH! ebY Free, Friendly, Local classifieds

How to move

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Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life. And if you are trying to move from one side of the country to another,the stress grows exponentially. Think about it: you’ve got t...



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