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How To Make Your Message Stick

How To Make EC Your Message Stick 350 PowerPoint presentations are given each second across the globe EC Immediately after a 10-minute presentation By the next day A week later EC 50% 25% 10% listeners only remember 50% of what was said It drops to 25% It remains only 10% The human mind can only retain points is the magic number three to seven points from a presentation in the short term 10 Techniques to Make Your Message Memorable Select Your Core Message What key point do you want your audience to remember It should be short and concise Make it flow throughout the presentation with appropriate repetition EC Choose a Theme A theme around your core message allows you to Structure your whole presentation Make it Simple and Easy to Understand Free of jargon, buzzwords, complexity, and confusion EC Use Visuals Retention goes from 10% to 65% when appropriate and relevant visuals are used to convey your message EC Give Examples Stories and Analogies allow the audience to'visualize' your point and retain it longer Remove the 'Barriers' Connect with your audience by moving beyond the lectern Integrate Variety Use variety in vocal inflection and pace of words II: Pause to emphasize key points Know Your Material EC Knowing your material gives you confidence Do not use notes as they distract the audience Provide A Call To Action Leave people with something to do They are more likely to remember if you challenge them to take action End With Impact The End Nothing is Worse than a bad ending. That is all people will remember Introduction ) Circle back to the introduction and pull it all together at the end Make sure to emphasize your core message one last time Sources your-presentation-memorable-lessons-from-an-inconvenient-truth/ Slideshop Jlul

How To Make Your Message Stick

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There are over 350 PowerPoint Presentation given each second across the globe. So the question is - how do you make your presentation stand out and be memorable to your audience? Follow this guide to...




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