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How To Make A Video Memorable: The Power of a Story

HOW TO MAKE A VIDEO MEMORABLE THE POWER OF A STORY For thousands of years, stories have been a A picture is worth a D1000 WORDS fundamental communication method passing information from generation to generation thousand words... but what is a video worth? MILLIONS A story can have the power to CAPTIVATE AN AUDIENCE and leave a truly lasting impression if it is done right Our brains are MORE ACTIVE when listening to a story because different parts of the brain are needed to comprehend the message if you can get people to remember it A great story as a three-part structure A story is a connection between cause and effect-A concept our TIPS: DON'T GET STUCK IN THE DETAILS minds are wired to understand CORE MESSAGE This can muddle the story and the core message. Focus on only what the audience needs to know *........ .............. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE Depending on who will watch the M video, the story can (and should) change A PROBLEM THE It is key to set goals for A HERO A RESOLUTION HERO FACES the video and to know ......... the video's purpose KEEP IT SHORT KEEPIT use as little time as possible to get >SHORT< With all the media that exists today, ......... MESSAGE I MESSAGA 2 ESSAGAS people have short attention spans so How To Make a Story Memorable Then decide the your message across SIMPLE Keep it Simple core message you want your MESSAGE 4 END WITH IMPACT Make sure the ending is impactful as it can determine whether or not your audience will recall the message THE END audience to remember Use Creditable Ideas/People Next, paint a picture with a visual storyline that captures your ****..*.. MAKE IT RESONATE Play to Emotions WITH YOUR AUDIENCE Stories are more memorable when you can relate to the story being told Create the Unexpected audience's attention http://social.razoocom/2012/11/three-reasons-why-storytelling-is-so-powerfully-persuasive/ JLB Make the Message Flow MEDIA PRODUCTIONS

How To Make A Video Memorable: The Power of a Story

shared by VisualApogee on Dec 23
If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a video worth? The answer? Millions (if you can get people to remember it). Here's an infographic full of tips for making your video memorable:


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