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How to Make a Résumé Shine

HOW TO MAKE A RÉSUMÉ SHINE Writing a résumé can be a tricky task for anyone. Depending on the industry you are in, where you are at in your career and the personal preferences of the recruiter or hiring manager, you're having to convey a lot of information in hopes of getting called in for the interview. Let's see how you can spruce up your own résumé with these tips. OTHER TIPS Pay attention to job postings. Carefully read the language and keywords that are included and use those in your resume. As you use the search to find jobs, employers are using keyword searches to find you to fill their positions. BEFORE AFTER check your formating! Top-performing Sales Manager with 20 years experience in sales, market research, lead generation, target marketing, negotiating and sales staff management. s this cell phone#? Specify! JACK SALES JACK SALES 1256 Plain Street, Hometown, IL [email protected] (123) 456-7890 Summarize your job seeker brand" 1256 Plain Street | Hometown, IL 60610 | [email protected] | cell: (123) 456-7890 Objectivel Šeeking National Salès Management position for a company whose needs include: increased sales/market share, sales staff recruiting, management, training, and supervision with a proven sales process. Results and achievements with quantifiable data are what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for. Don't list your daily tasks or duties. • Twenty years of sales experience in a variety of industries including six years in freight, three years in engineering services, four years in packaging and seven years in insurance. SUMMARY OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS Multi-million dollar producer. Closed $1.3 million of new business in one quarter. Awarded "Best in Class" for business development. Increased company sales by $4 million in a two-year period. Developed and retained a $12 million teritory. QUALIFICATIONS Used more in established careers management/execuetive roles • Develop relationships and networks with high-level and C-level managers to expand contacts, cultivate new business and expedite the sales process. 3 Stop using generic words like "develop," "manage," "implement" and "maintain." Be compelling in how you explain your achievements through engaging action words. • Assist companies in understanding how critical success factors are measured, achieved and reported to help establish short- and long-term goals. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Sales Expert Ask "So what? If you cant answer or speak in depth about your expertise, dont list it INDEPENDENT BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT | ABC COMPANY April 2006 - Present | Hometown, IL • Guide Fortune 500 companies in identifying, developing, and retaining top performing employees through the use of employment assessments. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Market Research Target Marketing Negotiating Skills Training, Coaching, Managing move into your summprospecting/Lead Generation 4 Triple-check your spelling, grammar and even your phone number. Use a chronological resume format, unless you're transitioning or entry level • Developing 25 to 30 new accounts by analyzing the organization, understanding business goals and objectives, presenting solutions, and negotiating a package to meet those goals. SUMMARY OF ABILITIES E New business development: Keen ability to move through sales cycle by gaining commitment on next steps. Network within companies to expand contacts and cultivate new business. Develops reļationships with key, high-level managers and C- level contacts to expedite sales process. Client relationships: Cultivates strong, satisfying relationships with clients based on understanding their objectives and critical success factors. Acts as a client advocate to ensure the at • Obtained a $60 thousand annual account with Book Publisher, one of the largest book bindery companies in the world, with more than 750 employees. • Cultivated $20 thousand account with XYZ Company to purchase 80 to 100 assessments. Use easy-to-read fonts and clean formatting. Don't clutter your résumé with too many different fonts and font sizes. Spell out highest level of client satisfaction while acting in the best interest of the company. tangible Business Consulting: Works with clients to understand their business objectives and critical ouA utfie ble success factors; and to identify subsequent needs and opportunities. Articulates client goals successesencluding decISions and actions that need to happen to meet or exceed client expectations Sales tracking and measurement: Helps companies understand how critical success factors are measured, monitored, achieved and reported. Established and sets mutual short and long-term Companies did you work at? MAJOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE | SALES COMPANY September 2000 - April 2006 | Hometown, IL • Consistently negotiated and closed $1-$2 million in new business yearly for the last five years. • Developed relationships and delivered high-level sales presentations three to four times per month to CEOS and CFOS, increasing annual income by up to $2 million. goals with customers resulting in win-win outcomes. . Sales training and measurements: Trains new sales personal in all aspects of the sales process using structured, real life applications. Reinforces skills by demonstrating and providing positive feedback for development. Builds self-esteem using positive critiques and acknowledgement of • Provided e-commerce, trade direct, capital Corp business loans and other value-added programs, saving customers time in tracking packages and lower interest loans. • Awarded "Best in Class for Business Development" by maintaining 120 percent, or higher, of annual quota, achieving 160 percent in 2001. Remember to customize your résumé and cover letter for each job and set a reminder to follow up after you apply within two weeks. Engage and follow companies you're interested in or have applied to on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and more. successes. . Sef- starter: Prover self-starter who requires and-enjoys minimahinstruction, warks independently vwhile dontributing to team success. 'Temitory apd time management Ufilizes excellent business judgment and timE Tmanagement skals to balance effoAs in the field wit the multitasking required to completé deadline requilements under pressure. SALES MANAGER | SS COMPANY Jannary 1998-Jannary 2000 | Hometown, IL • Negotiated and closed $1 million contract with M&M Corporation, twenty times larger than an average account at SS Company. PROFESSIONALEXPEREINCE ABC Company, Independent Business Development Consultant, April 2006 – Present, Hometown, IL Sales Company, Major Account Executive, September 2000 – April 2006, Hometown, IL SS Company, Sales Manage, January 1998 – January 2000, Hometown, IL • Increased personal production 150 percent in two years, from zero to 68 new accounts. • Managed sales operations, including hiring and training of three sales personnel, targeting priority accounts and conducting sales trainings and meetings, increasing sales by $1.2 million in two years. EDUCATION University, Hometown, IL, 1990 Bachelor of Business Administration/Marketing Check your spelling ý proof your work! EDUCATION & TRAINING BACHELOR OF BUSINESS, ADMINISTRATION/MARKETING | ABC UNIVERSITY Gradnation May 1994 | Hometown, IL If entry-level, you can include GPA relevant coursework brought to the bt careerbuilder move into romwms

How to Make a Résumé Shine

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