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How to Make a Good First Impression (Without Appearing Desperate)

HOW TO MAKE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION (Without Appearing Desperate) リル Scientists squabble over the exact time it takes to make a first impression, but most agree we form lasting opinions within seconds of meeting someone. Whether it's a barista, first date or potential business client, here's how to impress in that snap-moment without appearing too keen. WHY CARE G about a good first impression? Scientists call it “thin slicing." It's that first glance, handshake or buttoned collar, which tells us if we're going to like someone. 1/10 30 100 seconds: of a second: milliseconds: the time it takes to form the time it takes to the time it takes to lasting impressions about intelligence and attractiveness? sense someone's form an initial trustworthiness' impression "Humans can work like a wolf pack when in groups and if they get a sniff of desperation they will either ostracise the perpetrator or target them unkindly." Atalanta Beaumont, Psychotherapist.“ * 10 TIPS to master the art of first impressions Striking just the right tone can be challenging and there's little room for error, but following this guidance from the experts can help ensure your first impression is a good one. Choose more conservative clothes in simple colors Whether you're going for a job interview or first date, body language expert Patti Wood recommends paying attention to your appearance (particularly clothes, hairstyle and jewellery).5 Peek at their social media to find common interests (before you meet) (4s) uthor of Reinventing Your Brand, Imagine Your Future, says finding points of commonality help create an emotional connection and build rapport. Clark, ine Offer a firm, 3-4 second handshake University of Alabama researchers found people with a firm handshake were perceived as positive, outgoing and emotionally expressive." Avoid using 4 filler language A Brigham Young University study found that people who speak quickly appear more confident-but not if they use filler words such as "um", "ah" and "like," which show hesitation. um ah Ask follow-up questions to keep conversation flowing Dike People love to talk about themselves. Harvard researchers found that talking about the self is inherently pleasurable-and that people may be more motivated to talk about themselves than other topics.0 Smile throughout 6 7 Maintain natural the conversation eye contact (but don't grin all the time) Psychologists at Northeastern University found that we perceive people who maintain eye contact as more intelligent, and those who avoid our gaze as insincere.' Research shows that we perceive people who smile as trustworthy, approachable, intelligent and friendly. Tip: Draw an imaginary triangle around their mouth and eyes and shift your gaze between those points." Allow about 1.5 feet (45 cm) of personal space TalentSmart found that 90% of top performers know the unspoken signals of body language-like respecting 'the bubble' of personal space by not sitting or standing too close to others.2 Tip: 1.5 feet is about the length from your elbow to fingertip. Resist any urge Lean in to show 10 to cross your arms you're listening Body language expert Patti Wood advises to open your "body windows"- the intimate parts of the body such as the chest and throat-to appear more approachable on a primal level.13 Researchers from the University of Melbourne concluded that being a good listener helps us connect with others, making them feel safe and understood.14 リル Nailed that first meeting? Well done. But don't worry if it was less than perfect. In a Cornell University study, people completely changed their opinions of others as they received new information.? So, if you get the chance to meet the person again, repeat these tips-and be yourself. Sources 1. Jarrett, C. (2014) The psychology of first impressions - digested. 2. Vitelli, R. (2016) The Science of Making a Better First Impression. 3. Gardner, G. (2017. How to Make a Positive First Business Impression. 4. Beaumont, A. (2015) Do you Try Too Hard? 5. Wood, P. (2017) Five Ways to Create a Great First Impression. 6. Knight, R. (2016) How to Make a Great First Impression. 7. Woodward, M. (2017) The Psychology of a First Impression. 8. Parks, J. (2014) 5 Ways to Give a Good First Impression With a Confident Handshake. 9. Zenn, J. (2017) How to Make a Good First Impression: 11 Tips to Try. 10. Ward, A. (2013). The Neuroscience of Everybody's Favorite Topic. 11. Wagner, E. (2016) How to Make Engaging Eye Contact for a Great First Impression. 12. Bradberry, T. (2017) 15 Body Language Secrets of Successful People. 13. McKay, B. and K. (2017) How to Use Body Language to Create a Dynamite First Impression. 14. Fellizar, K. (2017) Why Being A Good Listener Can Make You More Attractive. On Stride This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attrībution-Share Alike 4.0 International License - FINANCIAL Kooo o 00 o00

How to Make a Good First Impression (Without Appearing Desperate)

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Whether it’s getting your coffee just the way you like it, turning a first date into a second or wooing new clients at work, making a good first impression is key. For more proven ways to get on som...


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