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How To Keep Your Creativity Flowing

HOW TO KEEP YOUR CREATIVITY FLOWING { CALIFORNIAN reminders from a 01 READ MORE BOOKS Reading not only increases your comprehension, but it mentally stimulates your brain to improve blink your memory. Malcolm Gladwel 02 WATCH A TED TALK Learning about new ideas allows us to question our own motives, which in turn helps us find new ways to make them viable. TED 03 DRAW OR D0ODLE FOR FUN Create an image or squiggle patterns with no intention of making it perfect. Zen doodling is about getting your pen to move without thinking. 04 TRAVEL Traveling breaks routine and opens up discoveries that lead to self-fulfillment. Get out there and enrich your experiences. 05 TAKE THE BUS The Metro or any form of public transit increases our awareness about other people and their lifestyles while reducing carbon emissions. 06 GO ON A WALK Relax your mind and take a break. Walking sorts out our thoughts and improves our mood. 07 PICK UP A NEW HOBBY Challenge yourself in ways you have not before. New hobbies not only bring higher levels of excitement, but also open doors to new communities. 08 TRY A NEW ICE CREAM FLAVOR We always pick our favorites, but branching out every now and then gives us reason to explore variety. 09 BE MINDFUL AND STAY OPEN Mindfulness is good practice for bringing your awareness to the present. Learn to let go of your thoughts and accept what you cannot control. 10 SPEND TIME IN NATURE Detach from the daily activities that consume you and take a moment to be in the sunshine, surrounded by trees, and swim in the sea. 11 LISTEN TO MUSIC Listen to new and especially old music. New music allows you to feel connected currently, while old music is what grounds you. 12 DO YOUR THING (HONEY) Follow your own path and create a life of your own because no one else is doing it for you. Be brave, take risks. Nothing can substitute your own experience. design by CHRISTINE ISABEL JAVIER

How To Keep Your Creativity Flowing

shared by cijavier on Feb 12
Twelve ways to keep your creativity flowing -reminders from a Californian. This was a personal project to remind me to find my flow.


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