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How To Keep Flowers Fresh For Longer

Flowers Fresh How to Keep HINT & TIPS Always cut your flower stems at a 45-degree angle using a sharp knife rather than scissors to prevent crushing the veins and inhibiting water absorption. HOW TO CUT Want your flowers to open faster? Put them in warm water as this is absorbed much quicker. FASTER OPENING Cut your flowers in a bowl of water to prevent air from getting trapped in the stem. PREVENT AIR BUBBLES If your vase isn't clean enough to drink out of, don't put your flowers in it! Bacteria will destroy your blooms at double speed. CLEAN VASE Want to preserve your flowers for just a little longer? Cold water will do the trick - especially if you add a cube of ice or two. LONG-LASTING Cut an inch off of the stem of your flowers and completely change the water in your vase every three days. BEST RESULTS Out of flower food? Mix warm water with 7-Up or Sprite at a 3:1 ratio and add a % teaspoon of bleach to keep your flowers fed and bacteria-free! FEEDING Other ways to wilt-proof your flowers include adding % teaspoon of sugar and either a crushed aspirin tablet or a % teaspoon of vodka - yes, vodka, to the water. ADD BOOZE Spritz your flowers very lightly with hairspray to prevent them from fading prematurely. PREVENT FADING Fruit and other plants release a gas known as ethylene - which will cause your flowers to wilt - so keep them well apart from each other. KEEP AWAY FROM FRUIT Keep them out of direct sunlight and away from any appliances which give off heat or draughts to prevent dehydration and wilting. TEMPERATURE Saurces: Flower Card THINKING OF YOU 00

How To Keep Flowers Fresh For Longer

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Whether you’ve given or received flowers as gift, you want them to look as beautiful as possible for as long as possible. They brighten up a room and bring a smile to everyone’s face, so it’s o...




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